Invicta Men’s Speedway Collection Chronograph Woot Info Post
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Invicta Men’s Speedway Collection Chronograph [New] - $59.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Invicta 9212 Men’s Gold Plated Stainless Steel Speedway Watch

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Meh, kinda ugly

is invicta even a good brand?

People in Illinois seem to think so

I have an Invicta. Got it off of Woot although it is not this exact model. I can speak for the brand in that I wear mine everyday and it is a solid wrist watch. One of the better Woots I have made.

This is the same watch worn by Paul Blart (Mall Cop), you know. And dayum, he looks good on a SEGWAY. That’s my dream… to be fully equipped by woot on a SEGWAY wearing my SPEEDWAY watch!


Hers is C&P from

Invicta Brand

With its most inspired creations yet, Invicta demonstrates its technical and design prowess, offering timepieces of style for extreme value.

“We have long held firm to the belief that supremely crafted timepieces can be offered for extremely modest sums. It is the founding principle of our flagship and the radical notion that still drives us today. By being true to our convictions, we will continue to turn the balance of power, and deliver true Swiss luxury to anyone who desires it. Let all those who possess our timepieces and pass through our doors witness the quality, value and care in every piece we create, and the spirit of neverending possibilities in everything we do.”

These are the words that greet visitors and motivate team members inside the Invicta Watch Group’s new worldwide headquarters. Emblazoned in stainless steel, it has been the Invicta message since Day One.

With each new timepiece, the company sends up a flare for those looking to be defined not by how much they spend, but how wisely they spend. With its strong collections, the gutsy Swiss brand is guaranteed to keep attracting followers.

The art of the craft. Inside an Invicta Workshop
It takes years of training and a great deal of pride to achieve glorius Swiss timepieces by hand. But it takes guts and the courage of your convictions to make those timepieces affordable for everyone who appreciates them.

At our Swiss workshops, we mix time-honored traditions with a little bit of horse sense every single day to produce the greatest values in the watch-making world.**an.html

A brief history of “Japan Quartz” for your personal edification.

I have this same watch in silver only, and I can tell you first hand Invicta makes a nice watch. I have been very, very pleased with mine and it keeps dead accurate time. I paid close to $90 for mine and even at that price it was well worth it. For under $60 this is a steal.

I’m not a watch snob so it doesn’t bother me that it uses a Japanese movement and as long as it continues to keep time I’ll keep wearing it. I know a couple other people who have purchased other Invictas (not the chronograph) and both have been pleased as well. In fact, I’m considering adding another watch to my collection and if this wasn’t so close to what I already own I would be all over this.

The Current time is 11:30. The Current date is the 22nd.

Looks like costume jewlery.

Is it heavy? Nothing worse than a big heavy watch.

Bought a similar watch (same model, different color) from Woot about a year ago. Very nice watch. Keeps good time. It is a big, heavy watch. Probably not for people with small wrists/hands.

I bought the Speedway II which was on Woot two Junes ago (model 5093, Gunmetal Ion-coated), and based on my experience using that particular watch, here’s what I can say:

  • The watch band will stretch
  • The crystal will probably take a few slight cracks to it if it’s sapphire coated.
  • Regardless, the watch will last quite well. I still wear mine despite the stretching, and the coating has lasted well enough.

Go grab it, even though it’s a japanese movement. The Japanese still make good Quartz movements.

edit: hm, the mineral-only crystal might scratch up fast. If you’re the type who likes having a very clear watch crystal, this might not be for you, but for those who don’t mind it scratching up over time, this should be fine.

I love this one.

Yes, this is what I want! A humongous, watch made with semi-precious poo-like metals.

I can take it swimming at the Y…

They make great watches, at least their automatics are awesome. I’ve never used any of their quartz watches. But the reviews on Amazon are positive and its selling for $110 so it’s a great deal.