Invicta Men’s Stainless Steel Watch



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Invicta Men’s Stainless Steel Watch
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Invicta Men’s Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel Watch Model #2877

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I have one and it is lame. Get a bucherer instead.


I have this exact watch. Very nice piece


I had one of these and it stopped working the day after I got it :confused:


hmm the watch seems interesting it looks nice it has a very nice finish if i needed a watch i would buy one


do you froogle? prices for various Invicta watches

Edit: The more specific froogle for this model is here.


It’s not digital? What are those hands and numbers for?




Oh ok… where’s the women’s watch?


QVC anyone?




my cell phone tells time so i don’t need a watch, and yes, 2008 is not as exciting as i thought it would be


I would argue that the Casio Waveceptor is a better deal - being atomicly sync’d and solar powered. I think that was on woot a while back, for the same price.


meh. I prefer pocket watches.


NICE WATCH!!! My brother has one like this, and it’s pretty schweettt!!! I’d Woot, but got a new one for my Birthday. :slight_smile:




why do we need a watch? practically everyone has a cell phone, rendering a watch useless




Since I’m now on disability because of Multiple Sclersosis, I spend A LOT of time at the comptue, so all I have to do is look at the clock on the screen.

Thanks you, but I’ll pass on this one.

  • Ian


Believe me, you are paying for the name with this one, not the quality.