Invicta Mens Stainless Steel Racing Sport Chronograph

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Invicta Mens Stainless Steel Racing Sport Chronograph
$79.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: New
Product: 1 Invicta 3914 Stainless Steel Mens Racing Sport Chronograph Watch

does anyone know if these look good on small wrists?

Hmm. 4 stars on Amazon. Now you’ve got me thinking, woot. Geesh.

I got one of these over 2 years ago when they were on regular Woot. I wear it as my everyday watch and it works great. I am a bigger dude so it looks good on me but not sure about people with smaller wrists. Maybe a Mickey Mouse watch would be more your speed tiny wrist guy.

I love Invicta watches, if I had the money I would own every one :slight_smile: durable and gorgeous finishes. But I will wait til the am to see if it is still there and to do some research to see price comparison :slight_smile:

man that is ugly. woot! do me better with the watch choices. i actually need one!

Did some watch manufacture go on a production bender or something? I mean seriously! I’ve seen watches like this one on another ‘daily deal’ site almost every day, and now Woot has them too.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice watch, but if I need a watch I just go to Pamida, Walmart, or Walgreens. I come to Woot to buy gadgets that I don’t need or have money to buy!

I needs me some more green laser pointers!!!

wow where have i seen these before

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I have a chronograph watch, there amazing

I have this exact watch, I’ve had it for about two years, and you can’t beat the quality for what you’re getting. Yah it uses a battery but you didn’t really expect a full automatic chronograph movement for less than $700 did you? And this thing is less than $100 plus its swiss quartz movement.

The saphire crystal alone is unheard of for an $80 watch. The chronograph keeps good time and the dials will actually record time for up to 10 hours.

The normal second hand you’re used to is actually only used in chronograph mode. The seconds that correspond to the hour and minute hands are actually on the upper right dial (called small seconds), the upper left dial is in minutes (goes to 30) and the bottom center dial is dual function.

It is 1/10 of a second if the elapsed time is less than 30 mintues and once you go over 30 mintues it keeps track of 30 minute intervals…so if you’re at 91 mintues and 10 seconds the Upper left will be at “1”, the large sweep second hand will be at “10” and the bottome center hand will be at 1.5.

I do not work for Invicta, but I have a number of their watches and you just can’t beat their Quality/Price Ratio. You will not be dissappointed with this watch, it has great weight to it.

Yes it uses a battery, but get over it!

With it being 44mm which = 1.732 inches = gigantic, I am passing. I have a small wrist as well and this is about as big as my arm is. Invicta makes a few mid-size watches but I’ve never seen one on any “deal” sites. Too bad for thsoe of us that choose to actually monitor what we ingest!

I own the 5227, as well as two other Invicta’s, and I believe the only difference is the background inlay inside the face, and the knurled finish on the ionic-black plated strap.

Invicta is not a cheap watch. This is way better than the pieces of shit “Fossilized” watches you used to buy in the mall when you were 19 and didn’t know any better.

The aforementioned pieces of shit were stainless steel plated, which mean they clasped on each link in the rear of the link, which provided each link the diabolical opportunity to rip your poor, defenseless arm hair-which, through no fault of its own was unlucky enough to sprout through your epidermal layer and grow near your wrist-and continually annoy you in the process.

The good folk at Invicta care too much to cut those corners. All of their stainless watches use “Surgical Grade” stainless steel. Think about the stuff that removes your colon, or drills through your molar at the dentist’s office. I believe its referred to as 316L in the industry.

It’s also one solid piece of said 316L. All the links in the strap are machined to precise tolerances to prevent premature wrist hair balding.

The “knurled” term refers to the Belgian Waffle-like design on the black sections of the strap.

To the person who asked if it would look good on a small wrist, all I can say is that anything past 40+mm is going to give the bling effect.

I’m 6-1, 200+ pounds, and it looks big on my arm. But, it looks GOOD, son.

This is a lot of watch for the money. If you’re ready to steps your game up, and stop wearing your rubberized G-Shock w/Indiglo, and you’re ready to leave those Fossilized numbers you used to pick up at the Buckle in the Galleria, then this is the timepiece to step it up with.


“So what time is it?”

“It’s something 30. My watch has no numbers on it, other than minutes. Plus the minutes dial rotates, so I’m not really sure it’s really something 30. Could be something 40, or 50.”

If I weren’t dyslexic, this might be a nice watch. As it is, might be worth buying just to have that conversation.

Aww, come on, when they teach how to read analog clocks in primary schools they teach you to read the positions of the hands in general, not the numbers. As George Carlin said “Well… It’s either Six Fifteen or Mickey has a hard-on!” Looking through my watches, the only dial watches I ever owned with actual numbers on them were plastic banded Timex clones. My Citizen eco-drive(“dress-up watch”) has no numbers at all, just pips. My Seiko “Monster” (Built like a pair of brass knuckles…) has the minutes marked on the face and the rotating bezel calculator/chrono. Basically I guess I’m saying if you’re the target demographic for this watch, you don’t need labels. :slight_smile:

I’ve got two invictas. One works great. The other back fell off after the battery guy failed to replace it correctly. Really great watches though. Can’t go wrong.

Invictas are solid. If I hadn’t already gotten one from the main woot! site about a year ago, I’d be looking seriously at this one. I definitely dig the sporty black combo look and could use a watch like it.

My first Invicta had a second hand that would get hung up, so it had to go back for repairs (like $20 shipping). I’ve had no other problems with it, and I’ve gotten a number of compliments and queries as to what it is/where I got it for me to feel like it was a solid buy. This price is one of the best put there if you’re looking to enter the realm of good-looking watches.

Great watch, I wooted one nearly exactly the same about a year ago (just a different background.) The crystal on mine is still perfect (my other Invicta, which I got a month after this one and doesn’t have sapphire has a chip in the crystal.) Only scratches so far are in the clasp.

But no, not good for small wrists unless you want to look like Flava Flave.

I got one of these for my brother for Christmas this year (from another deal a day site).

It seems to be very high quality, much nicer than I expected for the price. He has normal sized wrists for a man and he needs to have a link removed to make it fit. Very nice watch though.

In my experience, the biggest risk even on very nice watches is that the pin will break that connects the strap to the face. It’s simple to fix as long as you can grab the watch.

Has anyone with this watch, or any Invicta, had this problem? How often would you say you break the pin?


Something’s wrong here.

The photo doesn’t match the product description (look at the sub-dials).

Also, this is not the same watch as the Invicta Men’s II Collection Racing Sport Chronograph Watch #3914 that Amazon is selling. The watch on Amazon has different subdials, an angled date window, and a larger case.
Aside from the color, the sellout.woot watch resembles Amazon’s 3913ns.

Hey Woot, wazzup???