Invicta Men's Subaqua Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch

For a decent picture of the face [and the ridiculous retail price] check out this page from an unnamed online retailer:

$252 on Amazon with 4 reviews (5 star avg)

Nice lookin’ watch. Here’s a video review:


Guess everyone lost track of time on this one…i can here my echo in here tonight!

Is pretty…

definitely fathersday bait.

This is one ABSOLUTELY gorgeous watch. A buddy at work has one and it is the bomb. I would be in for one if it were’nt for the furloughs at work ;-(

Not much into Invicta’s. If you put up a Omega or Rolex, I’ll take some of those.

I’ve never thought too much of Invicta, but ymmv. I’d take an Orient, Seiko, Casio, or even a Timex any day.

On a more serious side, at 47mm you better have some beefy wrists or this thing is going to look huge. I also question whether or not it is actually 13mm tall, no profile pictures, and dive watches tend to be pretty tall.

edit: Yup, amazon reports it actually as 50mm diameter and 18mm tall.

I believe Costco carries the same model at their warehouses (in Arizona for sure) and it is the same price or cheaper.

Why is there no pic of the face?

What’s the point of a watch without a face?

Not a Folex, but for the price, features and Swiss movement I’m almost thinkin forget Pops I want this for ME.

Invicta watches are garbage… I bought two (one from woot), and both had problems within a year.

For $179, you can go buy a Seiko or a Citizen and have a much higher quality watch than this Invicta.

By pure happenstance, I saw what I believe to be this very watch at Costco today. Same price, I think, MAYBE $10 less. Can’t say for certain, 'cause I paid it no attention. Why? Because it’s FUGLY.


These are big watches. I, despite my 6’6" frame have smaller wrists. It fits well and looks good on my arm (tryin on my co-worker’s). But, if you consider your wrists on the “dainty” side. This is definately not for you.

Hmmmm…I could pay $179 for a watch…or $169 for an Apple Touch…I wonder if I could get an app that simulates an Invicta Men’s Subaqua Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch??

Does anyone under the age of 40 wear a watch?? When will Apple come out with an iWatch?? You know, you could run different apps to simulate different watches…

I’ve been wearing dial watches since high school, that’s just cause I’m a watch freak though. I think it’s thanks to my first calculator watch in 8th grade.

I have a difficult time finding watches that fit my wrists are you saying that this band is made for bigger wrists? Additionally, any non-trolls have an opinion as to the durability of these?

I don’t think I’ve worn a watch since middle school when I thought I was cool by sporting one of these:

Anyone considering an Invicta should follow due diligance, and search the warranty policy that Invicta has. Not going to bash the watch, others will do that!