Invicta Men's Subaqua Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch

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Invicta Men’s Subaqua Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch
$179.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Today I learned people still wear watches.

At least it wasn’t a Roomba…

The Roomba was earlier, lol.

There will be more - trust me!

Yes men still wear watches, I prefer to look at my wrist instead of digging my smart phone out of my pocket. This kind of money for quartz is ridiculous though, I don’t care how good the rest of the watch is.


$300 on amazon

Bought this back on a daily spacial and I have to admit, I am glad I only payed that for it. It is kinda cheap. For a watch that has a $1999 MSRP it’s not worth that.

One of the prongs (between the 15 and 25) has come loose already and the protector over the spinner on the right digs into a persons wrist something horrible. I took it off with a screwdriver.

Just my $.02, again for that price it is a good watch (notice I said good) but don’t pay over that.

Huh, so ‘ponies’ and related terms are the subsitute words. neat

Wow, this is like the deep V-neck D-bag T-shirt of watches

Maybe it’s just me, but Invicta watches are crap! A friend recieved on as a gift, looked expensive, but literally fell apart within days…and I mean fell apart!

My wife got me this watch a few months ago when it came up on Woot!, and it’s a decent timepiece, functions well, keeps good time (but what do you expect - it’s quartz). LARGE, let me tell you… weighs over half a pound, I’d guess, and will weight more when she gets me the stainless bracelet for it, as I’m not that into rubber/poly bands.

Still, it looks nice enough to wear out and around casually, and I’d sure as hell trust the thing in the water, it has survived the abuse I’ve given it so far. The lume is lousy, only glows brightly for 3 - 5 minutes after an hour in strong sunlight.