Invicta Pro Diver Watches

Why do they not have the Ronnie James Dio edition of these? it is called “The Holy Diver” and it runs from little demons inside it.

You’d think the number of professional divers who shop on woot would limit the target demographic for this item.

Not worth it. went to amazon just for kicks and there’s plenty of invicta diver watches around $50 which is the cheapest of the ones listed here. Betting all the prices are very similar. not a deal. :frowning:

Be sure to include your $28 check when you ship your $50 watch in for warranty repair.

I own a few Invicta watches and have never had a problem with them. In fact I wear one of them every day for almost a year with no issue. Its an automatic and looses maybe a minute +/- in about a month. Show me a Rolex that will do that!