Invicta Quinotaur Russian Diver Collection Mens Watch

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Invicta Quinotaur Russian Diver Collection Mens Watch
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Haven’t noticed Invictas on here before; did I just miss them? Not really up for watches that create their own niche market…

52mm case size. LOL


With that gigantic crown cap, it looks like a wrist flask, rediculous.

A quick search of Google Shopping shows $90 (+shipping?) the lowest price out there for this watch.

Amazon Link?

Only 4 Reviews

Similar watch is 123.34 on Amazon.

Reviews are mostly good 4.5/5 stars from 33 reviewers…

Not a bad looking watch, aside from that huge dial thing on the side. Unless that’s where the grappling hook comes out (Doesn’t mention that in the description), I think I would have to pass.

I’ve heard these watches stop immediately when the wearer dies. I guess it’s because the Russians wanted to know exactly when the divers died.

Need a new watch, and this one is shock resistant. Great for the next time I get tazered by the cops! Water resistant too, so after I get tazered and fall in the gutter, no worries!

In for 1!

Ah, the Mighty Quinnotaur, the Pop Dinosaur! Glad to see the song finally got its own watch. No longer will I need to ‘watch’ for it on the classic rock shows!

Invictas tend to be cheap knock-offs of high end watches. They’re kind of the brand equivalent of the guy in the trenchcoat on the street corner selling “genuine” Molex watches.

No, dude. Not a grappling hook. James Bond wristwatch laser.

What’s a watch?

I have bought several Invictas in the past and they have all run like tanks. Some of the higher end Invictas go for over $1000 so I would hardly call them cheap knock-offs.

Haven’t we beat the dead horse that is Invicta’s questionable quality/practices enough yet?

On a side note, at 52mm & 12mm high, this thing should really be 500m or more water resistant. It’s a good thing they don’t list the weight on this boat anchor of a watch.

This seems appropriate size wise for Flavor Flav. More like a wrist mounted clock, 2.05" diameter, jeez.

I’ve been looking for a men’s dive watch to wear for scuba diving, figuring I’d be able to read it better underwater. However, I took out my ruler to see how this would look on my arm, and this one is way too big. It would take up 1/4 of my forearm! Looks like it would be perfect for a male scuba diver, though.

Invicta makes some good watches and I’ve owned a few of them. The diver series tend to be ridiculously bulky, with the outer hardware overshadowing the face (and pretty much everything else) of the watch. The clasp is ginormous as well, slightly larger then a marble and the chain attaching it to the rest of the watch dangles quite a bit.

It is definitely not a watch for the conservative but a good buy nonetheless.