Invicta Russian Diver Skeleton Watch

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Invicta Russian Diver Skeleton Watch
$89.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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Dang it!!!
I’m not russian.

Just because the manufacturer lists a crazy MSRP that no one ever sells for doesn’t make it a real price.
This is a $200 watch at best.

Why would I want a watch made from a Russian diver’s skeleton? What’s that? Oh, never mind.

What is that chain? It’s not addressed in the description.


Not saying $70 off isn’t a good deal, but this isn’t a $1000 watch.

[MOD: cough They have the same list price as we show though.]

yes it is. It’s a mechanical wind-up driven watch, that chain attaches to to cap so you don’t lose it

Ah, the wristwatch. You know, the wristwatch was inwented in Russia.

Man, I would have snatched this thing right up if it were a chronometer. I was researching watches just the other day, and chronometers have an interesting history.

This is a cool read too.

Ahh… the wistwatch was inwented in Wussia

It attaches the screw down crown cap to the watch so you don’t lose it. Also doubles as a bracelet for a really, really small person.

Do you think the silver/black model is really self winding or is that a typo? All of the others have mechanical wind mechanisms…

[MOD: I’m checking.]

Serious question woot. All of them say mechanical wind except the silver one. Is that the case or it the only one that is truly self winding (kinetic)?

[MOD: I’m checking.]

Per the specs, the Invicta 1843 / silver with black is an AUTO SELF-WIND movement while the others are all mechanical HAND-WIND movements. I don’t think that is correct - at least based on the photo of the Invicta 1843 / Silver with Black showing the back crystal which has no winder and looks exactly like the other models.

Okay… Let’s be serious. This is not a thousand dollar watch, so just stay calm everyone. This watch is “worth” however much you want to spend for a big hunk of manly costume jewelry that also keeps time. The highest price that a gullible buyer might pay to obtain this monstrosity elsewhere would be about $400, but it’s routinely available for about $100 to $150, so this woot offering is actually a good deal – if you want this watch.

In Soviet Russia watch winds you!

Amazon says the 1843 is self wind, and the 1844 is mechanical.

In Soviet Russia Diver Skeleton Watches You! KGB is EVERYWHERE, Tovaresh!

>$995.00 List Price


>Diver Watch
>Water-resistant to 50 M (165 feet)

S-s-stop, yer killin me!