Invicta Watches Aplenty



I bought an Invicta watch years ago. It is a wonderful timepiece. Whenever I bring it to the jeweler for a new battery he asks if I know how much it’s worth. Yes I do, thank you very much. This is bargain.


He might have said so being sarcastic. These watches have comically inflated MSRP’s and consist of mostly asian made parts. Not bad if you want to spend $50 on a beater watch, but don’t give yourself the illusion any of these are actually worth $300+ dollars

(From a watch collector of 20 years)…


I agree. I’ll bet the jeweler was being sarcastic. These are ridiculously overinflated msrp’s and are well known for that. I see one watch on here with an msrp of $995. That one made me laugh. Why not just say they have an msrp of one million dollars? It makes about as much sense. Beware of the leather on invictas. I am a sorry buyer of one invicta watch with interchangable leather straps (msrp nearly $600 and I got it for the phenomenal deal of $50…first and last time being a sucker to Invicta). The leather is terrible and cracks and breaks in half at the buckle fairly quickly. Invicta charges over $40 for replacement “leather” bands. I wish they’d just be honest and sell the watches for what they are. They are perfectly fine $30-60 watches at best.


What’s up with the diver’s watch? Is it 300 meters or 100? If 100 (as it looks to be on the face), how is that a diver’s watch?


Nevermind… the series goes to 300, but the one i was looking at was 100. Still, not a diver’s watch at 100.


People said nearly identical things about the Redline woot plus from last week – ridiculous MSRP, “discounted” down to a large price for a cheap watch. I actually bought one and the first thing that happened was the second hand fell off.

Is there something you could suggest in the <=$200 range that’s actually “worth” it? I’m currently grooving on a Casio F91W-1, but I’d really like a fancier time piece for those special occasions.


Im waiting for the ridiculous bark from the woot staff trying to defend that the MSRP was “set by the manufacturer” (ThunderThighs).

I really miss the old honest Woot :frowning:


Can anyone recommend a watch that is sub $100? I posted similar question in the most recent redline thread. I won’t buy an Invicta even though I think many of their watches look great. They have had very shady business practices in the past.

I really want a Bernhardt watch. I keep looking for used ones. They look amazing and are assembled in the United States.


well, MSRP stands for manufacturer’s suggested retail price. What else could it mean? And if the MSRP isn’t given by the manufacturer, who else would give it?

Or did you mean fair market price? That is completely different.

ThunderThighs is right.


Check your local Costco. They have the Invicta Men’s 0070 Pro Diver Stainless Steel Watch for $99. And if you’re not a member, signup for their AMEX card and get $25 credit and no annual membership fee. :wink:


The Invicta’s have always looked nice to me, but there is quality issues and they seem to be “show” watches.
Bought this watch in 2010 (well technically the leather band version, but after destroying leather bands at work I got this resin band and have had no issues):
Under a hundred, large case size that is not overly gaudy, if you need a band it’s stateside customer service and 12 bucks or so, after 16 months it cost me ten bucks for a battery and crystal replacement by Nautica/Timex (I trust they’ll preserve the 100m water rating).
Is it an expensive time piece? No. But I say it’s great quality for the price.

I met a guy with a huge black on black invicta watch, and it made me think he drove a huge truck and had a complex about himself…


You really can’t get any better “bang for your buck” in my opinion than getting a nice Seiko diver or Citizen eco-drive for everyday use. Many of these fit the bill for casual times as well as business meetings, and will last many years (Most in the $100-200 range). Victorinox (Swiss Army) also makes some quality watches near that price point. If your going the digital route, Casio’s as you mentioned are also a very good value.


I would look for something like a Seiko SNK809 or maybe something else Seiko used for that price point…Good choice with Bernhardt, I have a Binnacle Anchor and love it!


I got an invicta on woot a while back on which their “flame fusion” lens shattered quite immediately (admittedly from a small drop). Hearing all this I don’t feel bad about not going back.

I currently have 2 timepieces and I would recommend both.

  1. A Truglo watch I got off woot for $100. It has a standard sapphire crystal lens, and is supposedly swiss made with swiss movement. The entire watch has held up well for almost a year (and I am very hard on watches, break straps all the time, but not this one). I wear it every day and it looks great and feels great. I did replace the strap it came with, which was leeching dye from the leather onto any clothing of mine it rubbed against. Very reliable and worth every penny so far.

  2. Victorinox Swiss Army watch - I bought this watch when I was 12 years old (holy smokes I just realized that is officially half my lifetime now). I dont remember how much it was that long ago, but I think about $300 (it took a couple paychecks when I was 12, but I wanted it), it still runs and keeps impeccable time. What more do you need to know?


I’ve got two Invicta watches bought from woot. On one of them, the smaller dial hands started to fall off. After two of them broke, I went ahead and had a watch repair shop take out the third one. The hour, minute, and second hands are still going and that’s what matters (to me, anyway). The other watch is fine.

I wouldn’t call them nice watches by any stretch, but I like them for what they are. I work in an environment where something on my wrist could take some abuse, so I don’t want to wear something too expensive. I do, however, still want it to look nice-ish. Invicta does the job well enough.


I’m a minimalist. I scored a couple Skagen titanium watches from Amazon and here I think.

They’re incredibly light, smaller (I have small wrists even though I’m a big guy) and I like them


I have 2 invicta watches. LOVE them both. Very nice watches. One i have is on sale here on woot!
Love this watch!


Re: Victorinox Swiss Army watch.
I bought mine here on woot a few months ago. Very solid watch!
I’ve been sold on their merchandise since!


What movement is used in the 0070 Pro Diver? Also is it a real Swiss movement or just a Swiss Parts movement?

I’m also interested in the 6412 Python but that one clearly states on the case back “Swiss Parts”.