Invicta Watches

Love them or not, these watches sure are bright.

Who wants to tell us about these specific Invicta watches?

Everywhere I’m looking online is showing a price of $120+. Really digging the colors but wondering how hard it is to clean these things. Thinking about getting one for work (nurse) but want to make sure I can get it clean easily or if … stuff … can get stuck in some of the nooks and crannies.

The green totally stole my heart…
these are really nice watches, and my birthday is this month… I gotta drop the hints now lol… too bad I have so many watches already :stuck_out_tongue:

We need a purple watch. Then there would be one for each of the ninja turtles. Plus the green one.

what kind of deal is woot! giving? doesn’t invicta’s watch are usually 90% off list price? these should be $18 or less.

I don’t have one of these but I have 2 Invictas that are very similar. They are my “get dirty” watches and boy do they stand up to hard work! If anything gets on them I rinse dry and wear. Every once in a while I have to clean out the crevices - but not often. I absolutely love 'em! May have to add a red one to the collection …

Well… I’ll tell you that I’m thinking “lady’s watch” when I consider these specific Invicta watches. I mean, I’m not saying guys couldn’t wear these watches, but if you consider the bright colors, wrist band sizing, and dial size, you gotta say “lady’s watch.”

That’s funny. One day I was flipping channels on TV and I saw the CEO of Invicta on one of the home shopping channels, pushing these watches pretty aggressively. Sadly, his sales pitch was the same as the guy who sells “brand name” speakers out of the back of a beat up old van. The MSRP on his watches was astronomical, but the “today only” price was familiar of the regular QVC tactics. I’m no watch snob, but it turned me away. I got a Casio for about the same money sans the snake oil pitch.

I cant find this same watch anywhere else. Are Invicta watches any good? Is this watch worth the $65? Any feed back would be great.

love the orange but I’m allergic to these kinds of bands…oh welll

Jerry Rice. The Greatest of All Time!

The “value” of these watches is highly subjective, so these watches are “worth” $65 if you want to pay that much for 'em. You can find these same watches on sale here and there for much more than the woot asking price. However, if you don’t know anything about the modern line of Invicta watches, you might have unrealistic expectations about what these watches should be worth. You should consider this to be a $65 piece of functional costume jewelry. How much is a plastic bracelet with a bright shiny watch that keeps decent time worth to you?

$65 for a watch with a rubber strap? LOL This is why buying anything is a pain. Companies price things at what people will pay with no regards to value. If I price a fresh dog log for 65% off and say, “What a great deal!” some sucker will buy it.

Seriously ugly watches.

I don’t know why these watches are continually on sale, but I just got one, and they are NICE!
they’re tough, solid, come in a nifty box… much nicer than what I was expecting. Really, these are well worth the price. I’m something of a watch nerd, and I have a lot of them. The Invicta I got is one of the nicest in my collection.You won’t regret getting one of these.

Don’t care if it’s a Timex, Rolex, or Invicta, a rubber strap just makes a watch look cheap. And $65 is not a cheap watch price.

I just bought the orange one. I really want the orange Omega watch, but let’s face it - this one is 1/100th the price!

I own an Invicta (not one of these) and love the watch and its quality. They’re a brand known for making larger watches of all price ranges, but with quality in mind.

I actually wear my Invicta more than my Movado if that tells you anything.

Wherever I see Invicta watches, they are inevitably 75-90% off. Amazon has many with MSRP of $500 selling for $80-$150. I wonder if they have ever sold an Invicta watch that wasn’t 75% off or more. Despite the absurd (and meaningless) MSRP, the comments on Amazon tend to be favorable. Just buy it because you like, not because you think your getting a great bargain.