Invisio G5 Bluetooth Headset with Protective Charging Case

Where do you get lunch for a QUARTER??

Will this work with iPhone version One?

Invisio G5 Bluetooth Headset with Protective Charging Case
$29.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: New
Product: 1 Invisio G5 Bluetooth Headset with Protective Charger and Soft Spring

here’s the website.

i’ll be out of town so somebody else will get to pick these up for a bit.

any reviews on battery life?

Is this the same headset from the office? the worlds smallest haha

If anybody can find any useful information on this product online (other than from, please let me know. I’m stumped.

Loving the write-up.

Hello. 1990 called. they want their accessories back.

How is it compare to Jawbone Prime or Discovery 925 or 975?

Can anybody vouch for the sound quality?

Yay! A Bluetooth headset for us folk with glasses!

If the battery dies while I’m using it, can I still hear the ocean, or at least the voices in my head?

I feel it is too late to be jabbering about such nonsensical shinanigans.

I heard this was the smallest bluetooth available(?). Not sure… it could possibly be it.

Seems to have mixed reviews on Amazon:

Can this play as a stereo headset (or in this case mono) A2DP mode?

Anyone know how this bluetooth holds up to moisture?

World’s smallest headset, and the world’s largest charging dock/case.

No wonder they found their way to

here’s a pretty good review.

but i can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not.