Invisio G5 Bluetooth Headset with Protective Charging Case

I rushed home for no BOC???


Does anyone like these things? I don’t get the appeal…

Ah, the wireless soap dispenser is back!

What does the inside of the case look like ?


From past Woots, we’ve learned that the battery that comes in these is poo, but the company will send you a new one which apparently works very well.

Im calling a 2-day wootoff right now.

Got one on the last woot-off. have been quite pleased. and pretty cheap.


I loved my blue tooth when I still had it.

Was nice to be able to talk to people while working on the computer not having to worry about speaker phone or trying to balance the phone.

Its a secret!

Only time will tell…

I like it. it fits in the ear and call quality is not too bad. But my Wife’s has a bad battery that won’t hold a charge

i got this POS in my last baggocrappo…DOA.

If the woot staff only gets a quarter for lunch, they have some pretty tightfisted parents and should get new ones.

Deja Woot

and another Previous Woot

Knew it.

$17.99 + $5 s/h