Invisio G5 Bluetooth Headset with Protective Charging Case Woot Info Post beats being rickrolled

Invisio G5 Bluetooth Headset with Protective Charging Case [New] - $17.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Invisio G5 Bluetooth Headset with Protective Charger and Soft Spring

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Get out the way we got a WOOT-OFF!!!

Yay! It’s a Woot-off! Excellent!

p.s. - I have this headset. It works well with my Blackberry.

Thank god its a wootoff. But school is tomorrow. Off to bed.

At least the case is nice.

I should have guessed it’d be a woot off when the servers went bonkers!

wooot offf - I have to work tomorrow…

We’re piggin’ out down at the Woot! trough.

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**Invisio G5 Bluetooth Headset

Just when I thought my night was coming to an end, a wootoff happens…I could smell it in the air as I refreshed my browser at 1…

In rebellion of not getting my BOC on Woot!'s birthday, I am NOT taking my USB Woot! Off lights out of the box – I suggest everyone else do the same :slight_smile:

When the site wouldn’t load, I predicted there was going to be a woot-off. So much for going to bed early tonight…



wooot offff


That is all.



I have 2 hours of battery time