InvoSpa Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

I have a similar unit, I think it was from Brookstone. Regardless of how good the quality of the massage may be, the fatal flaw (for me, at least) in the design of these units is the lack of a remote. The enjoyable massage experience is severely diminished by the need to contort your body in order to turn the thing on, or to adjust the settings. Sadly, that’s why mine sits unused…

I have size SIXTEEN-and-a-HALF feets, and they are in need of a massage: will my doggies even fit inside this?

I only have size 14 wide footsies… however I’m concerned that my feet might not fit as well. It would be nice if under “specs” we could actually see if it’s possible for us to use this massager.

I just wanted to say that only a genius could have feet that big.

Hey y’all, the massager will fit size 12 feet comfortably. Anything larger might be uncomfortable. The foot width opening is 4 inches.