IOgear 20GB 1.8-Inch USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive



Some Pricing Links …Woot is the lowest… $58.99

Froogle $58.99


Ooh, I may get this. 20GB is a nice size. 1.8inches is a little big though


ONLY 20GIGS!!! i have an ipod for this kind of stuff.


only 20 GB and costs like 50 bucks…
not worth,…!


too small, night


Being in the technology field…for the gig to price ratio, I don’t think it’s worth it. But i’d get it for the size


hmm, could be useful for my laptop at work. I can bring my music from home.


is 20gb a bargain now?


Not a bad price. I bought the last portable hard drive for $69 last time. This is a better deal. I wish I needed another hard drive. Go for it if you have the means.


like the size, but not enough space for the $ - thanks anyway


Just so you know, it might be cheaper to buy this enclosure (which I bought) and a harddrive from elsewhere. It’s an excellent enclosure though…really well made.


have one works great will refer others!


Computer Geeks has it for 53.99, so not much of a sale Woot.

Save it for the Bag o’ Crap.


A bit pricey for 20GB…Sorry, not this one.


If it was a 40 gig for the price i’d snatch it up, otherwise well like the other person said my ipod can hold this much.


What the hell, they still make these? Seems like a waste, especially with CD-burners, thumb drives, ipods… at least it’s not over priced.


Not for me, but consider this; a flash drive that is 1 GB goes for around 20-40 bucks these days…


Hey, all you folks complaining about the fact that it’s only 20GB. LOOK AT THE SIZE! The price is $50 because it’s TINY. Little bigger than a USB key.

Geez, wake up and smell the Woot!


yeah man i love installing iTunes so that disk mode works on every computer i touch

oh wait

i am considering BUYING DIS WEWT but am going to wait for a few more comments about quality first