IOGear Powerline Stereo Audio System

Will this work with a Sansa?

so many ipod dock stations… god

NO thank you?

can i have your iphone

Yes, but will it work with my Zune?

wont work with grounded outlets!

Snow day in Denver.

Can this be used if your iPhone has a case on it? If so, sold…

Why is the site wooting in reverse?

anyone else only looking at comments to check out the hottie in the crest ad to the right. I know what I’ll be doing if this woot goes on through the night…

Ha ha ha thats why im here…

well that and spring break!

don’t see the crest ad

Product Page

On Google Products

…hottie? i ONLY see a cupcake ad for daily deals?

Oh yea! Another piece of carp for ipods. Maybe this will last long enough for me to get home.

can someone please tell me what i have to do so i dont have to keep refreshing

Based on the description of the technology, it seems this would only work within a single circuit - in other words if your house has more than one loop (pretty common in biger houses), you will be limited to those rooms on the same circuit.

NO I DIDN’T GET TO ORDER THE UGLY BLENDER!! My margarita days will now be further postponed… Lame… Sigh…