IOGear Powerline Stereo Audio System

Good one to drive home during…

woot is changing what i post? I swear it seems like they are.

will it work in my car?

IOGear Powerline Stereo Audio System review.

lol welcome to Woot! Woot post stealth-modding just means you’re special for the three seconds it takes to screw around with your post.

I used to work a bose repairing stereo’s and I have no clue as to what this does from the description.

I’m guessing 400 count.

what the hell is that thing?

i know what that is…

what the hell is that thing?

Um, exactly where is that guy’s index finger going?

Is this like the worst Woot Off EVAR?

If it is an electric car… that’s plugged in… With a LONG cord.

I guess we know why you no longer work there.

Iphones suck. How about some droid compatibles?

Why am I here?

Wireless streaming audio to your receiver… from an iPod.

Looks around finds that this is an amazing deal with the next cheapest price being around $150

You were probably a very busy person. It’s so you can play your stereo/idoohickey in another room.

just buy the damn thing so we can move on, that’s why you are here