IOGear Powerline Stereo Audio System


iOut. Night, night.


Arboc snatches a RBOC

Aww, I was wrong, it wasn’t a Notebook.

Yes, and I bet just like any other Power line communications device these things will create and be susceptible to radio frequency interference especially between 2 and 30 Megahertz.

hey W00T will you sell the Ipad some FLASH!!!

who wants to bet a high priced computer will be next??

this would be sick, but I hear that they do not play in sync enough to create an extension of one stereo system to another room for a party. There will be a slight lag.

no the notebook is coming up next =p


a safer form of entertainment through the power lines!

it’s not just about forks anymore!

use the dots? Is the New York Times writing Woot descriptions now? Only the Times (and perhaps the WSJ) use dots like that - everyone else just capitalizes the acronym.

If you sell a laptop, does it have an L.C.D. screen, or an LCD screen?

Hopefully the next Woot Off will have some Strunk and White books in it… :slight_smile:

Hey Woot! The COMMUNITY link is still broken.

A quick search of Amazon showed nothing until $130 for this.

Granted, I’m lazy right now and did not want to do any digging.

Deja Woot

mine is working fine…

Soooooo, it’s like a really cheap Sonos?

Yeah, right after I post this, it starts working again.