IOGEAR Solar Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit

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IOGEAR Solar Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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This is actually a really good speakerphone! My fiance uses it all the time in her SUV and it never leaves the windshield. She loves the solar charging capability, great volume and clarity as well!

Good price here, I purchased it from the place with egg in its name for $25 lol

Great product. Seriously. Every driver should be required to own one of these.

Has great ratings on Amazon! Tempted to buy this.

4.7 is the average review on Buzzillions. Very nice.

Anyone know if the charging cable connector is compatible with my Motorola Droid X? It looks very similar.

It would be nice not to need a tangle of multiple chargers/cables in the car.

Like every handless bluetooth, there will be awkward times when someone thinks I am talking to them or I’m just plain crazy.

Product website - it’s $37.95 here!

YuP! It’s a standard Micro USB!

so I’m thinking this will only stick to the window

$44 plus tax & shipping at

Maybe I just haven’t spent enough time with it but I bought one for my wife and when it works, it works fine. The problem is that it seems one button does it all depending on how long you hold it in and release it. I find this confusing and disconcerting. I have only installed it once (charged) and by the end of the next day there was no juice left suggesting to me you have to turn it off at night. I need to spend a little more time with it but so far it just doesn’t seem like it is “there” yet.

In for two!

Can it be completely charged using the solar panel only?

I’m in for one. I got a Samsung in-ear one from Woot…work great but hate having to wear it.
I would rather look nuts talking in my car w nothing in my ear!

got two.

Is this really that much better than my phone’s speakerphone? How would it compare to if I just mounted my phone on my dash and talked on speaker? (I have a Blackberry Torch, for reference, if anybody knows the difference in speakers)

If your phone uses a micro-usb charger and by the looks of it (after a quick internet search), it does!