Iomega 1TB Home Media Network Storage

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… Not a good deal for a tera of storage… not sure about for the media features


Never buy a refurbished hard drive, not from Woot, not from anywhere…

Listen to me, do NOT EVER buy a refurb hard drive.

Ya Hear me?

Amazon gives it a miserable 3 stars for a new one

So, basically, this is a 1TB hard drive with some extra features thrown in?

Sorry, I just haven’t been able to trust Iomega since the “click of death” days.

does this work with Windows 7?

Refurb? Awesome, that means we can run a disc recovery program, and have a shot at seeing the previous owner’s bank info and nudie pics. :smiley:

So this is not a regular external HD? So this is not a good backup data drive, then?

I have bought many refurbished hard drives with no problems, what makes you an expert?
Not that I’d buy this one…

Sure this is a refurb…all those folks on Amazon who gave it one star on their review returned theirs’////

There’s lots of things I’ll trust refurbs on’…however, hard drives aren’t one of those.

Hmmm wonder how the actual performance is like… These all-in-one NAS units tend to perform quite poorly IIRC

Yeah I agree. Buying a refurb hard drive is sort of like buying used tires, which I also recommend against. They wear down with use, so you’re not really saving anything by buying used; rather you’re increasing the risk of a hassle in a shorter timespan. Plus hard drives often record our irreplaceables, which makes it all the worse than tire treads if they fail.

Then again, you could crash your car I guess; but let’s face it, bones heal cheaper than data recovery costs.

I’m looking for some sort of storage I can use to put movies on and stream to my xbox 360 as my laptop does not have much storage to save a bunch of movies. This seems pretty cheap if it were to work properly, and would eliminate any cpu usage of my laptop unlike a normal external HDD. Would this be sufficient and would it stream HD movies well?

Sorry, but I completely disagree. I’ve had plenty of HDDs die on me over the years and I’ve had much better luck with the few refurbs that I’ve had. I always look at a refurb product as something where the problem with it has already been found and fixed. The odds of it suffering from that same exact problem are pretty low.

Review at SmallNetBuilder

So would this work with a Xbox 360?

if im thinking right, it should.
plug this into your xbox, and as long as its on the network, you can push things on to it, and then access the video files from the ‘My Videos’ >> Portable(usb) Device section of your xbox dashboard.

No, this is more than an external HDD. If you’d like to use it as one, I’m sure you can, but you’d be under-utilizing it.

Think of this as something like a file server for your home network - but without the hassle of having a complete server. Basically you plug it into your router and then access the files on it from any computer on your network.

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