Ion Audio 5-Piece MIDI Electronic Drum Kit

At least it’s interesting. :slight_smile:

People can get this to go with their guitar.

Wii compatible?

Well then that ends my night, see you in the morning.

wtf do i want with a drum kit thing?

That’s it for tonight. You’re letting me down, Woot.

this is my first woot-off…very painful…:frowning:

Here we go again.

What is this find shite people won’t buy and list it on the wootoff night?

where did you get a picture of my dad?

No, not as it is. You’d need the special connector from the “ION Drum Rocker” for it to work, if it even would ever work.

To see what I mean look at The weird center piece right next to the dude’s left hand is a 360 controller that’s been tripped out. Well those “tubes” coming out of the “controller” understand when the drum has been hit and translates it to button presses. I don’t think that “controller” is universal.

19 left!

No it works better than rock band. You can actually play cyber-music

druns get 3

if you guys are bored, stop by!

this is interesting…

but i would get a real drum set to play drums =/

Nevada is the coolest state, clearly.

this is so tempting…

a whole $100 off what Zzounds has it.