Ion Audio Discover DJ System

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Ion Audio Discover DJ System
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I wanna be a DJ secretly…

Come on, really? Where are the iPADS???

swore this was on moofi yesterday

nope, twas sellout.

Anyone know if this can output MIDI and might be suitable for use with a DJ program like Virtual DJ or Traktor?

I got one of these earlier in the year. It’s kind of cool to play around with but most likely the sort of woot that’ll spend a lot of time in sitting in your closet gathering dust.

Maybe we can use this to drown out all the BOC whiners?

Had one of these a couple months ago that I bought refurbished for $50 which was a good deal. I ended up returning it because I had no talent for DJing but I really wanted to try it. The platform is solid and the biggest complaint is a lack of headphone plug so that you can cue the next song, but there’s a work around if you buy a separate sound card for your computer and cue through that.

Also it works with all the DJ software including virtual DJ.

smartpost shipping, woot takes a week to ship and smartpost takes forever, this won’t even arrive by christmas

You know what would be really cool??? TWO yes TWO BOCs in the SAME day! Wouldn’t that be a nice surprise!

Cool. Two turntables and a microphone?

Ages 5 and up tells me it might just be a toy.

I’m getting too obsessed with woot. I can’t tell if half the items are repeats from yesterday, last week on sellout.woot or last wootoff

This’ll go great with my walking sticks! I’ve always wanted to be a DJ on the go…

Abosolute JUNK! Save your $$$


Not true, I got a flying monkey, a nice ipod docking station, a memory stick and a breast pump. Not sure what I’ll do with the ipod docking station.

If you are looking for C R A P. this is it. If you are looking for B A G S O F C R A P you just missed them.

It’s a fully functional MIDI controller, not a toy.