ION Audio, Etc.

The ion Iphone game controller. Comaptibility? 3,3g,4,4S,5???

I cant spell compatibility

Don’t think of it as “not being able to spell”, think of it as “making up a new word.”

What would you like your new word to mean? Use it in a sentence.

I’m a great fan of Woot, but I bought the “*ION Phone Station” (iPhone speaker phone) and found it to be totally worthless.

The sound on the other end is downright terrible (think 1960’s “Get Smart” with the “cone of silence”). It was inexpensive but that means it’s not even worth the time to send it back.

Save yourself the time and don’t bother.

Thank you! That was the one item that kind of caught my eye. Thanks for saving me the wasted time and money.