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Does anybody else find it mildly disturbing that the slicd-style keyboard case for 4/4S shows the soft keyboard onscreen? Shouldn’t that hide because there’s a HID keyboard attached?

Ion’s site says nothing about iPhone 5 compatibility for the iCade Jr.:

But Think Geek says: “Fits iPhone 5 if you leave the top lid hinged back”

Beware fellow customers woot sales and service is having major problems. Ordered the keyboard case over three weeks ago along with another item. The one item was delivered but not the keyboard case. After two letters to customer service and a week and a half wait was told that the cases were totally sold out and they would give a refund. I replied that I wasn’t very happy with that response as the goof up was all on their end. Now almost two weeks later, three more letters to customer service and still no refund or any type of response from them.
This is the third order in the past month and a half that has been screwed up by either not sending the item or sending the wrong item. Have no idea what has gone wrong with Woot but this has been about the final straw. After several years and thousands of dollars in purchases it is time to quit giving them my money.

Hi offgridmanpolktn,

I’m sorry about all the troubles with this order. Our records show that a refund was issued on 10/8. Please note that it can take up to 3 to 5 business days to show up on your original payment method. If you don’t see anything by Wednesday, please follow up with your financial institution.

Best Regards,

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Anyone else still waiting on their slide keyboard? Ordered on Oct. 7, STILL hasn’t shipped?

Whoa, that’s way late. Please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

I’ve pinged them as well.