Ion Audio Job Rocker Portable Sound System

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Ion Audio Job Rocker Portable Sound System
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Can’t find any mention of the speaker size, it seems to be intentionally omitted from any of the documentation, not even listed in the specs

The Amazon reviews are quite good but I cannot find specs on the battery - other than it is “proprietary”. Anyone know if it’s Li-Ion or Ni-CD?

For the speaker size, all you can go on is that they are no larger than the overall dimensions, which are 12" x 14.5" x 15", with 12" being the front-to-back depth.

I asked because of a recent bad experience with a massive Sharp bluetooth boombox. Despite its massive size (29"x12" cylidrical) it had what appeared to be 5 1/2" main speakers until an inspection in person revealed 2 1/2" speakers within the larger opening-obviously done to be deceptive. A big box doesn’t always mean a big speaker.

Agreed, but the reviews were really good for volume levels. One person said that it easily handled a 2000 sq ft house that was being constructed.

Also, I found out that the battery is lead-acid (like a car battery) so you need to be careful not to let it discharge all the way, but those types of batteries really crank out the power when properly maintained.

I did find the info on BJs website for a refurb:

So this has a 6.5" woofer vs, the block rocker version that has an 8" speaker. Not too shabby, should be good quality sound.

Can it be used as a PA system…is there a jack for microphone?

Is this model newer or older then the one they had on here couple days ago. The ION Audio Job Rocker IPA76c?.
And which is better?

Amazon says it accepts a line input. There are also bluetooth microphones, so you can definitely use this as a PA.

If this was the orange version, it would already be in my cart. :slight_smile:

$99 for the refurb orange one with free shipping at BJs:

They have these ne for 150 at Costco Houston. Worth taking a chance?

They have these new for 150 at Costco Houston. Worth taking a chance?