Ion Audio (not all Audio stuff)

Got to love how this site rips you off right and left. ION Audio iMX05 MixMeister Express DJ Audio Mixing Software with USB Audio Interfac was just on sale for $3.99. Now $12.99 Site blows!

Best video game? Space Invaders.

Ooooh, I liked Tempest better.

What version of MixMeister Express (6 or 7) is included with the ION Audio iMX05? Might go for this if it’s version 7 of the software. Thanks!

Ah the memories of ponying up quarters and playing with a giant knob.

That Tempest machine had the strangest controls.

And of course then came SIIINISTAAAR. “Run!”

Sorry, I don’t mean to leave you hangin’; I’m waiting to hear back from our buyer on this.

UPDATE: The vendor says this model includes MixMeister Express 6 software for Windows.

My friend actually has one of those in his basement arcade.

Although his favorite would be Asteroids, which he also has.

Best arcade game? Escape From the Planet of the Robot Monsters

does any of this work with ANDROID? I mean most people don’t play with iPhones…

Thanks for the info. Still a good deal. May do as stocking stuffers.

Anyone know if the game controllers will work with 4th gen ipod touch?

Listed in the specs tab:
In the box:

ION Audio ICG07 iCade Mobile Game Controller for iPhone & iPod touch
(2) AA Batteries
Quick Start Guide
Safety & Warranty Manual
iPod touch Insert
So yes, it will fit an ipod touch.

what iphone does it work with? iphone4 iphone5?

Both, but the boot only fits 3.5" inch iOS devices (so iPod touch’s upto 4th gen and iPhone upto 4s gen).

Otherwise you could use it as a controller for iPhone 5/5s or even any iPad. It is just that the any device with over an 3.5" screen will not fit into the rubber boot (though for this price you could just cut the ends off the boot to make it fit the iPhone 5/5s.

This is actually a real nice controller, and it works awesome for iOS devices (for supported games/emulators)

(Android may be possible, but would require a special bluetooth driver…but I am not 100% sure if a compatible driver even exists…just speculating).

Price is quite amazing since this was originally MSRP’ed at $49.99 (probably being blown out due to Apples announcement of a controller SDK, which this is not compatible with,but this will still be compatible with the games that support it unless those developers actually go out of there way to remove support, which I can’t imagine why they would ever do that).

Checkout Ion webpage for a list of compatible games (there are about 500 or so… many have free versions):

Compatible iOS Game List:

The iCade devices actually present themselves as Bluetooth keyboards to the iOS/Android device. They send different key presses for button down and up and for all the directions, making it easy for a game to handle. I actually programmed a Vectrex emulator for the HP TouchPad using the original iCade. Android devices should have no problem using this, although it won’t present as a BT gamepad.