ION Audio Profile LP USB Turntable

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ION Audio Profile LP USB Turntable
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 ION Audio Profile LP to MP3 USB Vinyl Conversion Turntable

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Websiiite: (direct product link) Quick Start Guide

But where do I go to buy vinyls now?

Review from Amazon…

Yeah, I wouldn’t really use this if wanted to do any “scratching.” It won’t work very well.

Ah. Found a couple decent reviews for this turntable on Alatest.

Imagine a day in the future when records will be obsolete and we can perhaps store all of our music on a computer-like device…

Salvation Army. I saw some there today actually.

I’ve bought one of these before. Trust me, if you want to “convert vinyl to MP3”… Wait for a re-release, or get an audiophile friend to do it. Don’t waste money on this. Unless you need to digitize some obscure jazz vinyls RIGHT AWAY.

There’s no 78 RPM setting. I guess I’m SOL with my granny’s old big band recordings.

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You’d be surprised how many people still have LPs. My grandfather has (literally) thousands of them, and is about 1/4 the way through transforming them into digital form. I guess he can’t find them in CD form or isn’t willing to spend the money on buying them again.

not really seeing this as a deal… what am i missing here? older versions sell for as low as $45 new, and its not like you can “improve” a LP player.

wonders how many posts it will be before someone asks if this either:
Has a USB connection that would work with their comptuer
has RCA connections that would work with their stereo …

and the countdown begins!!!
(btw … yes and yes and yes (the last one was the Yup, Apple or PC products) :slight_smile: )

Much <3. I couldn’t figure out which one it was since their screenshots didn’t match the one woot has up.

The most helpful critical Amazon Review

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This is compatible with Mac, right? Or at least DJ Hero?