ION Audio Profile LP USB Turntable

I don’t know… it looks like that arm might scratch my Blu-rays if I put them in there…

LP turn table? Dang, i wish it was a 8 track with a usb connection.

Will this make me cool?

“Hey! The EyeClops Mini Projector really does look a lot like Wall-E, doesn’t it?”

I got one a few (quite a few) months ago,for my brother who has a LOT of vinyl that he wanted to archive.

He said it is quite good! (I never even opened the box, just gave it to him.


Previous woot $10 more:

I have this turntable, and for any home entertainment system it’s a fantastic asset. One word of advice if you get it, though–swap out the sapphire needle it comes with for a diamond needle. They’re not too expensive online, they’ll wear out slower, and you won’t get a degradation in sound over time. Plus with a rubber band and some glue they double as engagement rings.

I have never seen such a device…Turntable? isn’t that the thing in the center of the dinner table you spin around?
Isn’t that what shower curtains are made out of?

I don’t understand what these black over sized Cd’s do… Someone help?

Yes! I’m in for three! Do you have any idea how long I’ve been looking for one of these waffle makers?

The average rating on Buzzillions for this turntable is 3.8 stars.

Sold these at Radio Shack last year when I was a weekend part-timer. Customers loved them. They work well and they do what they say they will do. That’s a compliment these days.

$80.00 + shipping @ B&H. Looks like a deal.

These are THE BEST hot wheels race tracks ever. Shame it only does 33/45. We always went to 78 when the police car showed up. Add a yellow marker for a never ending highway. Great for kids.

From the ION website:

On a serious note after my last post, i bought a ION USB Turntable from woot a few years ago, and I’ve gotta say… theres nothing better sounding that a classic record playing on a turntable-
The software takes a little practice if you want to edit your archived tracks, but theres just something magical about recordings embedded in vinyl.

Have it. Use it every day for CDing my 45s. Big job. Works great. (and I paid $99)

Got one of these in the previous Woot and I was able to get it to record using Audacity in Ubuntu 10.10 without any configuration. It was essentially just plug and play with the ALSA USB codec. (Just had to select it under sound preferences.)

Still haven’t had any luck on getting it to play through though…

In for one. $53.61. Woo-hoo sales tax.