Ion Audio Slides 2 PC 35mm Slide and Film Converter

Nifty but spendy. No thanks.

Well, SOMEONE has to ask.


ALL write-ups should specify YES or NO on the Mac question and we could all save a lot of time.

hello? anybody read this

what a beautiful marriage of old and new technologies!!!
hope we have a lot of photographers on now or this will be a while…

where have you read bad reviews

So this’ll be here for… 12 hours is it?

Yes! :slight_smile:

Does anyone, who is not a member of AARP, actually have 35mm slides?

This is just what you need when you have Lucy and Ricky Recardo over to the house to show them your vacation slides.

Maybe even Fred and Ethel will be there too…

my woot lights quit! sign of a woot killer.

nite all, you been a great audience.

now if only they had one for all my old 110 film…


Finger food

Thats it. This woot off is dead. Now to sleep…

gonna take a while on this one

this is like getting a cassette player for your computer.

cool device used before …but takes so long if u have thousands of slides

Sounded like a cool idea last time it was on Woot, until you read the reviews… more like a child’s toy, unless you couldn’t care less about the quality of your converted slides (which are still higher resolution than any digital images made).

on the next site update they should make the progress bar go down in realtime.

will this work with APS?