Ion Audio U-Cast Podcasting Kit

Now you can be famous on the internets too!!!

The bust was modeled after a guy named “Mike”.


This would be really useful if I did librivox recordings, too.

Didn’t know this was renamed iWoot.

wonder if I would be a guest on Geek Gamer Radio if I had one of these? hmmm… pull the trigger? hmmm…

If it came with the sweet gray head… I’d consider buying one.

How’s the quality of the microphone for recording in this? I’m in need of a cheapish microphone to do some voice recordings.

Just bought this on Yugster…hope the quality is good.

I’m wondering the same, actually. Bueller?

I can only find one review for this device and it’s not the best. It is cheap so it wouldn’t hurt to try it if you need a cheap mic.

How much is the webpod casting after the 30-day trial period?

I’m just wondering because I have a LOT to say, and I don’t think a month is long enough…

$90 at walmart (home of low prices)
only one review at amazon * --mic usb connection broke. No mention of audio quality.

+100 internets. i want the gray head as well.

This is a stupid product.

You might as well sell a pen and pad of paper and call it a “journalism” kit.


Would like to know the quality of the headphones. Have to say that the price is great, it’s $58 in google.

teh mannikin is rly hot, srsly.

Sorry Woot never gives head to make a sale

Does anyone else’s “I want one” button work?

Great idea. Is this product what woot uses?