Ion Audio U-Cast Podcasting Kit



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Isnt there enough crappy podcasts out there? Come on woot dont encourage them




Who wants to start a podcast team?


Got this the last time it came around. Microphone is decent, but the gain is a bit weak. Headset is ok, nothing special.


I have nothing of value to say.


I would listen to a Nightghost podcast


I bought this when it was on Woot a few months ago. Love it, great mic and the headphones are actually really nice.




my lights stopped blinking. can someone out there remind me what i have to type to get them to start again?


That would be just product websites, previous woots, and amazon links.


Yeah i got this it is great, buy it. Not because i want to see whats next…because its great…


Can I buy the mannequin head separately?


I guess its early, not many people know its a woot off yet. Only 10 comments after like 5 mins.


yea knowledge isnt power i forgot


That microphone LOOKS cool. If the sound quality is even mediocre, it’s still worthwhile.