Ion Audio USB Turntable

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New Ion Audio USB Turntable, for $49.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Ion Audio TTUSB USB Turntable

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Is today national record day or something?

My mom made me buy her one of these. She’s a foul necromancer who is always trying to bring back disco from the dead.

This would be great if it only had a dust cover. I mean… I would pay upwards of $9 for a cool dust cover. Maybe even a full ten spot.

I wonder where you could get a dust cover???

These USB tables sound crappy. Wait for an old one to show up on Craigslist then buy a Shure, Grado, Ortofon, or Denon cartridge to go with it. You’ll get much better audio by running your phono output cable to the line-in jack on your PC.

the same model is available on sellout.woot with a dust cover for an extra $10


Is it possible to get a cover from elsewhere? How much? Maybe I should go check sellout before I post this… nah! :stuck_out_tongue:

lol! I’m psychic!

oh and before someone else can say it i do realize sellout is $10 more and has the cover. i dont give a rip its technically the same deal

I think its funny how both the Woot and Shirt.Woot are relating to turntables/records theme.

Whoever thought of it is a genius!!

so for $10 more you can get the same thing on sellout.woot

what’s with the record theme today?

i got one of these the last time around (about 3 months ago). not too shabby. good for a quick listen. obviously not incredibly great, but definitely works if you just want to break out the vinyl every now and then. (or transfer over to digital)

for all you youngin that don’t know what a record is:

You knew it.

Its a fairly decent unit, I have one. Sound quality is average to good, although its no Technics 1210.

Audacity software included does a reasonable job, a little clunky but OK.

I own the one that was on woot! a while back (same basic thing, just white) and it works like a champ. Plug it in to speakers via audio out, or rip your old vinyls via USB for easy Zune or iPod play back!

Get 2 and get your club DJ on!

I like the connection with the shirt.woot today.

Manufacturer’s page

My father has one of these, or something just like it. Not to shabby. And the price. Might have to get one for myself.

The model with the dust cover is being sold right now on for $10 more.

I own this for ripping old hardcore/metal albums that were never released in new-fangled CD form. I believe I paid around $50 for it on sale about 3-4 months ago.

It does a decent job, but it’s a deal to go crazy about.

Got one from sellout.woot and it works great! It’s in the nursery and is plays our old children’s records. Can’t wait for Christmas so I can bust out the Chipmunks record!