Ion Audio USB Turntable

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Ion Audio USB Turntable
$49.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: New
Product: 1 Ion Audio TTUSB USB Turntable

I have one of these, good quality over all, not a bad price, i paid $75


I’m going to become DJ Woot-off with this. Fantastic!

Bought last time. Great player for the money

Sweet now I can become a rapper like… well i can be a rapper!

In for two turntables. Woot going to sell microphones anytime soon?

There are a couple reviews on Buzzillions.

It spins me right round, baby, right round

I keep buying these things, and they just keep getting cheaper! This is a great way to rip all your old LPs into iTunes. I’d recommend getting the cover though, since after your 5 week run of ripping, it will sit unused for years, and dust is not the friend of the ION USB turntable. I suggest you go in for three, and get this wootoff moving! :wink:

so, what kind for things can you do with this?

Amazon reviews at 3.5 stars and 75.00 lowest price:

Already have it, very good for what you are paying.

Also, now I have MARRS Pump up the volume stuck in my head… thanks woot writers.

Where’s the dust cover?

Indeed. Be mindful of a lack of a dust cover though, my big haired friend.

Get three, and Ableton Live, and become the next bazilllionaire DJ!

Before anyone asks, yes, this works (quite well) with Macs!

Ion Audio Site

Listed there for $120
Along with FAQ’s, Specs, and official looking documents.

I wonder if Woot will ever manage to get rid of all of these things…