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ION Audio VCR 2 PC USB VHS Video to Computer Converter [New] - $29.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Ion VCR2PC USB Videotape Conversion Player

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How does the video quality convert over onto the computer?

Does it output the audio in stereo?

… ummm VCR??? pass

Is this a 4-head VCR?

Does this do PAL as well as NTSC?
Looks like a good idea.

Website - unfortunately if you want to look at the manuals you have to provide contact informaiton (boo!).

Mmmm… I might get this; my mom has a huge collection of recorded movies on VHS.

Here’s the ion page [$150!]

And according to the Amazon Page [$75] it captures at NTSC and PAL resolutions apparently, but I want to know the format.

And on Amazon, apparently it’s the most popular for “Electronics > Computers & Accessories > Internal Desktop Components > Video Capture Cards”.

Sounds like a good deal to me.

What kind of file does this save to on the computer?

And what is a “VHS tape”?

I’m guessing there’s no upconversion, and you’ll only get VHS-quality video. Not horrible, and this is cheaper than buying DVDs or Blu-Rays of all the old videos you own, especially the ones not yet re-released… Oh, uh, I mean, home videos are irreplaceable and have to be stored forever and this is the best way to do it. Wouldn’t dream of suggesting one make duplicates of copyrighted material…

Link to manual



No remote???

And the manufacturer’s web page is at
for $149

Will this convert copyrighted VHS tapes? We have a VCR/DVD recorder at our house and some VHS tapes won’t copy no matter what, especially Disney ones…I wonder how this device handles those types of movies?

EDIT: we own the copyrighted videos i mentioned, so dont freak out about the whole copyrighting thing…its perfectly legal to just switch the format for our own personal use.

Any idea if this employs Macrovision? This would be great for some old out-of-print VHS tapes I still have.

Does anyone know if this has a problem with macrovision protected tapes?

I’ve been wanting one of these as I have quite a few tapes, but the real question is - Does this bypass the macrovision that some video tapes have or what? Anyone have one that can answer this question? It really sucks for some of my older videos that will never be re-released to dvd, or anything else for that matter.

Is this any better than hooking my old VCR/camcorder to an EyeTV 250?