ION Audio VCR 2 PC USB VHS Video to Computer Converter

here’s the product website (though it doesn’t seem to be loading…)

(google cache for good measure)

Is this Mac compatible? Something like this would be super-useful for some of my old VHS cassettes at home.

From the website:

Do you get those lines that VHS can sometimes make on your TV screen with a converter to your computer?

WOW, thats something I havent seen in while.
I want a laser disk instead!

Here’s the product on Amazon

3 out of 5 stars…

I am saddened that this can not play Beta…

This is a great price. According to the lowest is around 80.00. Next to Woot that is. Great way to get those old VHS tapes of old family reunions over to your computer. Way to go Woot! to get this price.

Yo, over here!

Will this player defeat Macrovision, thats the method that keeps folks from copying VHS tapes that makes the copies unwatchable.

Got one in my Santa’s Bag of Crap… Easy to install, easy to use. Probably the easiest way to move VHS to your computer.

This will be awesome for all of my…um…what exactly is a VHS again?

I wish it was a cassette to computer converter, I would be allll over it…

Easy to use, and great price, but only fair quality of transfer.

Audio is Mono only, and not HQ, either; you can see it in the photo of the output ports.


If you already have a good VCR you should consider using the money on a video capture card that could be used for much more than just VHS tapes.
For example:

Don’t I have something that does this already?

so i guess that the copy protection is in place so i cant archive my old Disney tapes for my grand kids to watch later when vcrs have died

does this make linux happy?

Is this Mono output? Sure looks like it. Unless it’s SPDIF out

Will this convert PAL … Id love to get a cleaner rip of my Song of the South VHS