ION Block Rocker Bluetooth Portable Speaker System

I have one of these that I picked up at Costco a couple of years ago–it’s perfect for outdoor movie nights.

The battery lasts for multiple nights (I’ve actually never had it run out on me, so I can’t say for sure how long it lasts), and the sucker gets loud–so much so that I’m always concerned that the neighbors will get pissed off. Plus, it doesn’t distort at high volumes.

All in all, a nice addition to backyard outings. If I didn’t already have one, I’d pick one up.

Some similar speakers have built-in FM receivers. Does this unit have a FM tuner? Thanks,

yes it does

I second what @ophmarketing said. This is the perfect addition to an outdoor movie theater. We actually picked up two from Costco and use them for stereo sound (one on each side of the screen). We use a simple aux cable splitter (like this: to send the audio to both speakers. It works so incredibly well I wonder how I ever lived without it. But then I googled it and realized I was surviving on a mix of oxygen and nutrients from the food I eat.

Gee a giant mono speaker and bluetooth connectivity. That way you can listen to horribly rendered music, but delivered very loudly!

Looking forward to getting it, but wish I had ordered it through Amazon instead. For only $6.00 more, I could have gotten overnight shipping, even without prime… and the option of adding a 2 year warranty for $10.
Being relatively new to woot!, I didn’t realize that they process the shipping label to show that it is in the “shipped” category for a week while they wait to sell all the units.

Lesson learned…see it on Woot!, check on Amazon before pulling the trigger.

Still waiting a week later, Fedex system still says label created,but product is still sitting on Woot’s dock waiting for pickup. I request a cancellation but was informed that 15 minutes after purchase the option is unavailable.

So with weekends, it could take up to 19 days (more with holidays) to receive the product and be within accepted guidelines.

Sorry you haven’t seen any movement yet. Sometimes, unfortunately, tracking won’t update. I’ve had orders that never updated with tracking, arrive on time.

As another option, you can try using your order number and “Track by Reference” on UPS or FedEx’s websites.

Thank you for the insight manhandsha…it looks like it was grouped on the dock with freight for the Northeast…I live in Arizona…I guess it will take another week to get it back across the country…

Activity Location
10/13/2015 - Tuesday
7:10 am Arrived at FedEx location KEASBEY, NJ
10/12/2015 - Monday
10:33 pm Left FedEx origin facility LONG ISLAND CITY, NY
6:55 pm Arrived at FedEx location LONG ISLAND CITY, NY
4:26 pm Picked up LONG ISLAND CITY, NY
10/07/2015 - Wednesday
4:50 pm Shipment information sent to FedEx

Edited by Tralbos60:

Upon receiving the unit, I mistakenly thought that the charging connection was defective…I am glad that I was wrong. Mine arrived fully charged, so that when I plugged the cord in, the green LED light would turn off after 15 seconds or so. I now know that means that the unit is fully charged, it isn’t adressed in the manual.

I am impressed with the unit, the only suggestions for improvement would be a more robust telescoping handle, the one that it comes with is a bit wobbly when extended, but with reasonable care, it should provide good service, and a nice feature would be a stowage pocket for the power cords and phone/ipod cords.The am/fm/off switch feels pretty weak also, but at this price point the unit is a great value.

An audiophile would probably want detachable speakers for sound separation, but for what this is designed for, it sounds very good.

My earlier bellyaching about delivery times are just that, but I have come to be spoiled by Woot’s parent company, Amazon…there are three distribution facilities in the Phoenix market where I reside, and same day deliveries at no charge are not unusual.

$5.00 shipping is more than reasonable especially since Fedex takes it from Texas to NJ and back to Phoenix, I really got my moneys worth of transportation.