ION Block Rocker Bluetooth Portable Speaker System

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ION Block Rocker Bluetooth Portable Speaker System
Price: $79.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Apr 04 to Tuesday, Apr 05) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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4.5 Stars over at Costco

Check out the product page

This thread has some feedback from some happy wooters

Puchased it last time. Great speaker for the price. The Bluetooth works on any floor of my house with the speaker still on the first floor too unlike those little crappy speakers that work a few feet. Only negative I can see is that it may distort with lots of bass at higher volumes but I limited the bass on the player on my phone and it solved the issue.

I got one of these and it’s fucking awesome. You can hear it super far away and still sounds movie theatre clear. They use these for sound stage testing on really big events and concerts. Battery life is out of this world just remember to charge before storing and check it every once in a while. It’s like a car battery inside, instead of like a cell phone battery. So if you let the battery die, you need to buy a new one or a new unit. Don’t let the battery go uncharged. Perfect for any outdoor and indoor event. Forgot to mention you can pair 2 of these together.

Good in my work.

This is a great speaker from a great company. Highly recommend.

I got one of these at Costco a year or two ago after being impressed by the sound at a pool party. I paid about $130 for it if I remember correctly. Very happy with it. Sounds great, battery lasts forever. Sits in the corner of my living room and we use it all the time. My only caveat is that the rubber feet on the bottom caused some chemical reaction in the urethane finish on my hardwood floors; I have a number of circular discolored rings in the places the speaker was sitting. Won’t wipe or polish away, it’s a permanent thing. So now we put a cloth under the feet and all is well.

How heavy is it? I didn’t see in what specs there were.

Just picked up two for our wedding!

About 26 pounds

I have the ION Tailgater that I bought to host trivia nights at a local brewery and it is awesome. I just bought one of these to have as a backup and to use around the house.

This is the best bluetooth speaker on the market, hands down. I paid $149 new for mine. This is a heavy unit with real speakers that produce an amazing full range bass and treble replication.

Not once did they speak of the built in tray for your ipod or keys. Was kinda hoping to see how big the storage area was.

I bought 2 of these during the last sale and I LOVE them! The wireless stereo linking capability was the clincher for me. I can take these puppies outside and enjoy full stereo, back-yard-concert-like sound. Great for entertaining, doing yard work, outdoor tinkering and it’s great indoors as well. I also used the pair for a guitar jam session with friends. Works best with an effects processor pedal since it’s not really a true guitar amp.

And yes it has a tray on top which will hold your phone, keys and other doo-dads…while charging them via the 2 USB ports.

Hello, Feeling like a moron…mine doesn’t appear to have the power cable or microphone. It isn’t stored inside the unit anywhere correct?

Mine arrived last week. I charged it up completely, tested the radio and blue tooth and was well pleased. I set it aside until Yesterday. I took it outside sat it on log and played the radio for 2-3 hours. Great sound. Hauled it back inside and plugged it up to recharge the battery… Its been charging all night. The battery will NOT charge… not sure what to do.

You have a 90-day warranty with ION. I’d start with them to see if it’s an easy fix.

If no luck there, please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.