ION Block Rocker Bluetooth Portable Speaker System

I bought this thing back in February, and NO regrets. Loud and sounds great.It almost sounds multi directional, as it sounds great from the back as the front. Bluetooth worked fine on my iPad from at least 50 ft. away on the dock

Got one new from Costco last Christmas for my son. He LOVES it! Great sound, great battery life, Bluetooth enabled, tetherable…highly recommend.

Kept missing this deal, looks like I finally snagged one for our church youth group.


arrived not working completely. the micro phone doesnt work. yes i contacted ion.

that makes

1 samsung chrome book
1 TMD bluetooth speaker
1 battery backup
and 1 block rocker

that arrived not functioning. the samsung got fixed with samsung tech support who replaced it, the speaker i have to keep plugged in, and the battery back up is in the trash.

awesome woot. just awesome…your products are as awesome as i am smart for buying them. as in…not very.


I’m so sorry to hear about string of disappointments. If you haven’t already, please use the support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

Again, I’m sorry to hear about your unlucky wooting.