ION Block Rocker Bluetooth Portable Speaker System

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ION Block Rocker Bluetooth Portable Speaker System
Price: $79.99
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Could this be used to plug a guitar in? Not sure if the input is a 1/4 plug.

Could this be used to plug a guitar in?

According to reviews at the Mother Ship who is selling the same refurb unit for $139 yes you can

Says it has a standard 1/4 inch jack for instruments.

Also says 7-10 hours runtime on a charge or more and 50 watts max output

Read the questions as the description is weak at best

My brother bought one of these from a warehouse club. Can confirm 7+ hour runtime when playing music from a phone at a reasonable backyard-party volume.

Is the mic wireless?

The mic that came with the one I have (bought it from Woot in March when they were selling this) is wired. But it worked like a champ at the Pinewood Derby for all the announcements, and we had it turned up less than halfway. Full volume would have blown the doors off of the hall.

And 7 hours seems to be low - mine has gone over 10 hours without being recharged, although not all in a row.

How loud is this unit? I’m looking to fill a banquet room with dance for a party. Is 50 watts enough?

I have one and I doubt it would be adequate for that. That being said, it does put out enough sound for a backyard party or working in the garage…

When operating using the internal battery, is the volume any less than when it is plugged into a wall outlet?

The mic is not wireless. Sorry.

So if I get two of these and link them with the TWS feature, is the resultant sound in stereo? Or two mono speakers?

Per the vendor: There is a ¼” input on the front of the unit right below the 3.5mm input that you could us to plug in a guitar.

How long is the wire for the mic then?

I bought the same refurbished unit (IPA76C) on, and had to return it. The unit worked, but had almost no bass and when in radio mode the volume couldn’t be turned past notch 2 without becoming too loud and distorted. I think turning it to notch 5 would have blown the speakers.

Might have been a defective unit tho. I plan to order another one from Amazon when they get more in stock. I’d buy this one (it’s $10 or so less than what I paid on Amazon), but Woot’s return policy blows. They only take back damaged or defective units (at their determination). Booooo… Amazon doesn’t ask any questions.

I purchased this unit from WOOT! during a previous offering after hearing one in action at a softball game. If you are expecting the sound level one would get from, say, a portable bluetooth speaker about 10 inches long, then re-adjust expectations upward. Good sound, excellent longevity, LOUD when needed. This sucker will keep your phone charged while you bluetooth to it ALL DAY LONG. We have literally had it going at a moderate volume off our deck for over ten hours on a Saturday kids pool party. It is heavy, since it does have a big ol’ battery and speaker in it. BUT it has good handles and it rolls like airline luggage. I am very pleased and will very much recommend it for parties, pool, etc.

every where I look it says 75 hr where did you see 7-10 and which is it

is this the newest model