ION Job Rocker Plus Bluetooth Speaker - 2 Colors

I bought the World Rocker (similar features) a couple of years ago, and I like it more than I want to admit. I use it in the house, in the yard, and as a PA system at an off-grid retreat.

The one thing I wish mine had is audio presets. Which this one has. And now I want the power outlets – those seem useful.

So, there you go. Buy this, and laugh at me every time you effortlessly change the radio station.

Yeah, this is actually pretty nice. I’m a part-time musician and came to snub my nose at what looked like a stage-amp for a job site. After checking the specs, I thumb my nose no longer. It looks like a well thought-out design with an eye towards durability and usefulness. If I were still working job-sites, I’d pick one up in a heartbeat.

Found this on the mother ship.

what are the electric outlets for?

Answer: Good question. I was planning on using them to charge my phone while camping/tailgating, but since they don’t work unless unit is plugged into a power source, I find them useless. Essentially it acts as a powerstrip. The radio reception is just OK, nothing great. The Bluetooth and the sound quality is awesome. It can fill a parking lot with tunes!

Been waiting for a deal on the orange color for a while now. Planning on using this when tailgating for MLS games. :slight_smile:

I bought the block rocker on here a few months ago (very similar speaker) and I love it. It advertised 72 hours of battery life and that is no joke. I have only charged this thing one time and I use it quite a bit. great sound as well, very loud.

There are different flavors online (youtube demo’s) of this speaker but there is no model number. Hard to tell which is which, but the ones I’m finding have roll bars on the front and back incase it gets knocked over.

You can get the same unit at Sears for and delivered to a store (that’s not closed yet) for the same price. So, paying taxes but free shipping from sears. Woot, want to sweeten the deal?

Also, can you confirm this model has only the handle on the front and no front/rear roll bar?

There is a USB port that works regardless of being pligged into 120ac, would charge a phone no problem.

USB port for charging smartphones, tablets and more

The Sears item you linked to is sold by “Firemall LLC” via the Sears marketplace. It has free shipping to your door, but I don’t know about taxes. So pretty much the same deal, but from a random company.

But not orange. Orange is better.

Co-worker was saying the orange color would be “better”. But both are re-ferbs and they get them I’m sure from the same place? Anyway, I’ve decided get one from Woot (;-)) anyway. Getting something else off Woot today too. But, would be nice if Woot would drop the price just a bit.

Purchased the Job Rocker (not Plus) 18 months ago from Costco for $149. Sounds great, but… After 11 months the 1/8 inch line input broke, after 14 months the bluetooth went out. Now it is just an overpriced AM/FM radio. How this for a wishy-washy endorsement: If I knew the bluetooth would last three or four years, I would buy it again for this price.

Sold out but just the same. Someone will read comments if they sell this again.

Got mine yesterday. Battery is charged full as per the lights on it’s behind. Sound? well, for 79 bucks, it sounds like 79 bucks. CoWorker has one of those smaller tubular JBL speakers that blow this thing away but this ION is way louder as far as sound. Just sounds like a BIG ASS transistor radio. OK for a job site but don’t expect to turn heads with it’s bass (or lack there of) or it’s highs (lots of those). Mine had a few “scuff’s” but has a nice “quality control” letter that is SIGNED in REAL INK.

One thing that is has done was to just go dead in the middle of a blue tooth connection. Was playing some pandora and it just stopped playing. It had power but was quite. Turned off, then back on, nothing. Turned off blue tooth and tried the am/fm radio. Nothing. Unplugged, turned off power then back on, nothing. Plugged back up, repaired, nothing. Then 10 seconds after the above, it started playing again. Keeping a evil eye out on this.

My initial overview is, it’s heavy so no carrying it on your left or right shoulder while walking around at the mall. You will never loose it because it’s Orange (the one I got). It is LOUD but not the best sound.

**EDIT: Bluetooth seems to fail intermittently. I have had this device in my office now for 4 hours and couple of times, it just stopped playing but came back. After lunch, it wouldn’t even pair. I had to TURN IT OFF FOR 3+ minutes, turn it back on and try to pair again. Mine worked and is back in operation. If it fails again, I will repeat the above process to see if that’s the “fix”. I’ve opened an RMA/Support request with ION (before I found the fix) after reading all the horror stories about the bluetooth issue(s) with this device so be prepared. **

Update: ION has not responded to the problems I’m having with this box. It stops playing and unpaires, etc. You have to shut it off for a bit, turn it back on and go through the repairing process. Or, if you are just playing the FM radio, it will stop playing even though the power light is still on. ION was informed but after a week, has not responded. Asking WOOT for help.

There is a theory, however, resources are slim.
Supposedly on EU models, tbere is an energy saving feature that turns it off after 50 or so minutes if sound is not playing. So, if you are playing at a low volume, it can’t detect sound and goes into a “sleep” mode. Maybe if tbe volume threshold for that could be tweaked, it could be a fix but so far the only thing is to send it in. I am not even sure this is accurate but if it is, it seems to be models shipped over. I am tempted to open mine up and check it out.
Hope you hear some news on what to do.