ION Job Rocker Plus Bluetooth Speaker - 2 Colors

I saw these the last time they were offered. I thought ‘my, how adorable - it looks like a little amp’! As I went thru the specs, I kept finding things that made sense instead of just being ‘cute’.

There are 2 wired audio inputs: 1/4 inch for a microphone (not XLR, so an adapter might be needed) and a 3.5mm (miniplug) for computer/ipod wired input. There is also the Bluetooth link, so…

Obviously the sound quality can’t be tested here, but the construction looks sturdy and the specs all look workable for a job site, a backyard, a campsite or a party by the lake (just take your neighbors and the surroundings into consideration).

I found size and other specs on the Amazon page for this (ION had no specs aside from what’s shown in Woot’s write-up):

**Tech Specs
•Input Voltage: 100V-120V AC, 60Hz
•Output Power: 50W (peak)
•Woofer Size: 6.5”
•Tweeter Size: 0.75”
•Frequency Response: 77 Hz – 20,000 Hz (auxiliary input)
•Inputs •(1) 1/8” stereo auxiliary
•(1) 1/4” microphone
•(1) AC power input
•(1) 12V DC power cable input (from vehicle)

•Outputs •(1) USB charging port
•(2) AC power outlets (while plugged in to wall power)

•Full charge time: Approximately 10 hours
•Battery Life: Up to 50 hours
•Supported Bluetooth Profile: A2DP
•Bluetooth Range: Up to 100 feet
•Fuse: 12.5AL
•Max load of AC outlets: 120V, 10A (combined) (when you use the included 15A or equivalent power cable to power Job Rocker Plus)
•Radio Preset Memory: 6 AM presets, 6 FM presets
•Radio Frequency Range •AM 520 – 1710 kHz
•FM 87.5 – 108 MHz

•Dimensions (height x width x depth): 15.5” x 12.25” x 10”
•Weight: 18.5 lbs**

Just fyi.

Thanks for the specs!

Everyone needs one of these,
Even if your name is Louise.
So buy one today
you have music to play.
This item is sure to please.

I own the older version without the inverter; adding that is just icing on the cake. It’s heavy, has a lead/acid battery, and flat out rocks. I paid full tilt for it 2 years ago on another site, and still think it was a bargain compared to other blue tooth speakers. The battery life is no exaggeration on this one; I’ve used it for 4 straight 10 hour days and went home with a charge. Common sense with regard to the battery type and you should be very happy with the purchase.

The Block Rocker version has a lithium ion battery and will outlast this guy. It’s about twice the price, but well worth it in my opinion to not have to “maintain” the battery and for the longer life (at least 75 hours).

Can the microphone be used while music is playing via bluetooth or aux-in? My wife is a fitness instructor and she needs to be able to talk and have the music playing at the same time.

If you get one, you might want be aware of bluetooth issues. Unable to pair, dropping connections, etc.

I got one last time they offered it. The sound is ok but not as “boomy” as some might want. It will crank pretty loud though. However, that was where the “I like this” ended. After a few minutes of playing, it cut out. Lights were on, just no sound. Turned on the FM radio. No sound. I turned it off. Turned it back on, repaired to phone, started working (sound). Even when playing the radio, there was no standard, it would just stop playing. Did some online checking. Seems these have some blue tooth issues (bad firmware for the blue tooth device).

Thanks to woot, I returned it for a refund.

I also noted that sometimes when it lost connection (stopped playing), if you turned it off for a couple of minutes, it would come back to life. After about the 10th time of this happening, I gave up and sent it back.

That’s one thing I was trying to find out, but no site had any information about that. I would tend to think not, since you’d need different gain/volume controls for the mic -vs- the music. Unfortunately, I didn’t find that on the specs or the (really well hidden) product page at ION.

Per the vendor: Yes they can be used at the same time.

If it doesn’t, or it starts to wheeze
What will woot support say…
Return it? No wootin’ way!