Ion Wireless Speaker w/ Classic Mustang Styling

Ion Wireless Speaker w/ Classic Mustang Styling

$79 for a new one on clearance at the Ion Audio site.
Only a 90 day warranty for their new products too.

[MOD: ours is NEW as well]

Classic Mustang… does it leak oil?
It’s not authentic if it doesn’t leak something from somewhere

Hmm, well it is reconditioned so I guess that at least is somewhat authentic

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Something leaked from somewhere.

It’s official. I’m old. I like it.

I think the AM/FM is quite handy.

It weighs a little under 6 pounds, but I can’t find the dimensions anywhere – not even on the mfr site! – so it’s kind of hard to picture how it will fit anywhere in particular.

Sigh… this item brings back a painful memory from 1972. When I was 14, my dad and I bought a 1965 Mustang for less than three of these speakers… $175.
A dark blue, 289, 3 speed, running Ford Mustang. The hood had sprung up and broken the windshield. The body was straight. We fixed it up and SOLD it 2 years before I got my license…

For $500! ARGH!!!

BTW, the kid (4 years older than I was) who bought it from us, wrapped it around a tree.

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Looks like Groupon has it new for the same price ($59.99) with a 1 year warranty:

[MOD: Our vendor isn’t sure that’s an authentic product. ION doesn’t offer 1 year warranties. It is also listed only as ION, not ION Audio]

Need color options. I need a white one to match my brother’s 64 1/2 Mustang!

Wish I had one to match the color to. :cry:

Never got my Dad’s '66 because he had a minor accident that slightly bent the frame. It was ‘totaled’ and ‘poof’ it was gone.

There are the dimensions as well, and a different weight.

Product dimensions: 7.87”x13.39”x3.5”
Weight: 3.53lb.

Oh, ours is NEW!!!

We originally had this listed as refurbished when it should have been NEW. SURPRISE!


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I love this, and I know I could use it.

I’d probably only get it at a third of the current Woot! price though. It’s still a bluetooth speaker radio. A nice looking one, to be sure. Maybe it’ll pop up on a Woot-off?

I’m in for one, but bummed that I missed it on, which had it for $59 too, but with Costco’s normal one year warranty. New items with 90 day warranties scare me.

Product dimensions: 7.87”x13.39”x3.5”