IoSafe Solo 2 TB Fireproof and Waterproof External Hard Drive + 1 Year Data Recovery Service

It’s USB 2.0… pretty bad with the USB 3.0 in all new devices.

You keep those files on your USB drive and keep that with you at all times.

It’s hard to remove files from a hard drive without it being able to be recovered. You cannot just format it. You will need to write random data in all the sectors over and over again.

The reason for doing that many times is just ones is not enough to guarantee the files will be gone. The head doesn’t always match the same spot every time so there could be a small sliver of data left after you overwrite it.

Somehow have to manage to get ten of these to disappear.

But is it theft proof?

congrats on your new titles, i’m sure you’ll have a wonderful reign.

I’ll just swallow the hard drive whole, like in the movies.

Wonder how it gets cool with the fan but can still be water proof. If Air can get in, can’t the water too?

No…apparently there are even more than that.

Where do you come up with 10?

This is very true it has been proven that even after writing 1’s and 0’s of the whole disk even 60 times the can still be recovered by professionals. getting rid of data is impossible unless you take it to the deepest part of the ocean and drop it their.

Seems like a good time to make a sandwich across the board!

Just store it in the stove since it’s fireproof. Anyone tries to steal it, you will catch them red handed.

This is only rated for a 1550degree fire for 30 minutes. If your house burns down, I think this thing would be toast.

I’d call it theft-resistant.

There is a hole in the rear where you can apply a cable and lock

Only idiots used limewire.

Since this appears its gonna take a minute, anyone ever get a “Bag of Crap”. Ever got anything worth the $5+shipping. I know its all in fun and the seeing what you got is part of the excitement, just curious what some of you have received.

I was thinking the exact same thing!


But nowhere near as tasty.

When’s the last time you looked at prices, and where have you been being ripped off? 2TB drives have been under $100 for a long time now.

def get it you need the protection, 'cuz this price is dumb-nice for new.

was tempted, but too close to a 3tb normie drive.

why, in the world, are external drives CHEAPER per bit compared to bare drives??