ioSafe Solo 2TB Fireproof & Waterproof External Hard Drive with 1 Year Data Recovery Service

too expensive for me looks like a nice piece of hardware though

moving right along!

How many meters deep is it water-proof?

and we stuck

Wonders how fireproof it really is?

that sounds pretty cool to be fireproof and waterproof. Is it bullet proof?

woot killer I called it!

I think I’m developing Assburgers

HydroSafe water barrier technology is designed to protect data loss from fresh or salt water damage, including full immersion up to 10 feet for 72 hours

Buy three and let us know! :smiley:

Product Features and Technical Details
Capacity: 2 TB
Product Features
Protect your photos, music, videos, and business data
Fireproof up to 1550° F for 1/2 hour per ASTM E121
Waterproof up to 10 ft depth, 72 hours
1 year Data Recovery Service + up to $1000 for forensic data recovery (option to upgrade to 3 or 5 year plan at registration)
Simple Plug and Play USB 2.0, PC or Mac, 3 year warranty
Technical Details
Brand Name: ioSafe
Model: SL2000GBUSB20
Hard Disk Size: 2 TB
Warranty: $1,000 Data Disaster Recovery Guarantee.
Hardware Platform: PC, Mac
Hard Disk Description: External hard drive
Hard Disk Rotational Speed: 7200
Width: 5 inches
Depth: 11 inches
Height: 7.1 inches
Weight: 15 pounds

Oh I see now 10 Feet for 3 days. Hmmmm not enough to go diving I think, maybe to take when I am snorkeling.

Woah, it’s $399.99 at staples

Single disk, for all that safety I would think that it would be mirrored.

All that protection and they put a USB drive in it? What are ya gonna do, carry it around?
Now, if it were a network drive with gigabit ethernet…

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ioSafe Solo 2TB Fireproof & Waterproof External Hard Drive with 1 Year Data Recovery Service
$199.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Those sound gross, better use your Cobb grill to make them tasty.

Gah! Tiny sliver of yellow eaten away… guess they have more than one of these to get rid of.

How many meters deep is it fireproof?