ioSafe Solo 2TB Fireproof & Waterproof External Hard Drive with 1 Year Data Recovery Service

10 feet is fine, but 11 FEET IS RIGHT OUT!

I’m holding out for a flyer tablet. Come on woot don’t disappoint.

I’m going to put it on my lanyard with my Centon 64 GB DataStick Sport!

The confusing part is that the BBC video they link to says it has a solid state drive inside, but woot quotes it as having a 7200 rpm drive- which is it?

Agreed to the extent it should have been USB 2.0/3.0 standard. USB runs every damn thing these days.

The true way to make something fireproof is to put it in water, which is probably why this is waterproof.

Get yourself a kiddie pool filled with water and put this in it.

10 Ft

My goldfish will love this.

I’ve got three of these at work with the 5 year data recovery coverage. Thankfully haven’t had to test either the fire or water resistant qualities, but they seem like very solid units.

Did have some problems with them; USB 2.0 and some older Linux kernels didn’t agree, but a quick upgrade cleared that up.

Seems like a decent price, seeing the same unit for around $300-$350 around the web.

You know, if you really believe that you need this sort of thing, you should probably look into renting out a small bit of space on a data center somewhere.

Half hour in, and we’re already stalled :confused:

I thought woot offs were supposed to b bigger deals than normal. This was just up like 3 days ago fothe exact same price.

3.04 Meters

Is a woot-off when you’re able to have an actual BoC sighting? Me = wootNoob.

If this had an esata connection I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Nah, just their way of cleaing out the warehouse of leftover W00t items.

This would be the perfect hard drive for this exact situation.

Not in for 3.

Guess who never posts? First active woot off. I’m sort of scared. Does everyone mostly use twitter for notifications, or just a lot of ctrl r?

0.0151515152 furlongs (No, really)

Always thought the term was “Off-site storage”, anything off the site of the system in use, can be next door or half way across the country.