iPad mini (Gen 2) Wi-Fi & 4G LTE Tablets

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iPad mini (Gen 2) Wi-Fi & 4G LTE Tablets
Price: $319.99 - 469.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Thursday, Aug 06 to Tuesday, Aug 11) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I’ll pass. I still have two Brown Zunes I haven’t opened up yet. I bought them from Woot a few years back…

If this is “Factory Refurbished” then why does it not come with an actual Apple warranty as Apple does with all their refurbs they sell?

Check out the product page

when you buy a new iPad and it is defective or you drop it and break the screen, you send your iPad (just the iPad, not the accessories) back to apple for replacement (damaged units aren’t covered under warranty, but the process is still the same). Apple then sends you a replacement iPad. The replacement Apple sends you is basically new, but doesn’t come with a new warranty. The warranty is effective from the date of your original iPad purchase. You also don’t get new accessories (unless you stated that the accessories was the cause of your defect). From time to time you see these replacement iPads being sold with either no warranty or a 3rd party warranty and with either no accessories or with 3rd party accessories. But the iPads themselves look and work like new for a lot less then paying for new.

If you buy a refurb from Apple, you get the full Apple warranty. I’ve bought refurb Macs many times, and usually put some of the money I saved on the purchase towards AppleCare. That’s been true when I’ve bought Apple refurb stuff from a 3rd party store (e.g. SmallDog.com), too. I’ve bought several Apple refurb Macs, all came with factory warranty.

So that makes me wonder about these.

Google Apple brown box replacement. Tons of answers directly from Apple support forum. When I dropped my iPad Air Apple replaced it with a brown box product, I was miffed until I learned the process. Now I have absolutely no complaints. Basically got a new iPad (or at least looked like new) to replace my well used iPad. I too buy a lot a Apple factory recertifed product. They do a great job of it.

It looks like the best part of this deal is the “unlocked” LTE aspect. I don’t see that on Apple’s refurbished page.

So is the unlocked LTE only good on AT&T? I’m with Verizon and curious if it would work with them?

I believe the term "unlocked " means it can be used with any carrier.

There are two different screen sizes, 8.9 and 7.9, listed in the description. What exactly are these? iPads or iPad minis?

$279 at Sams brand new.

I’ve had a Mini for about three years. Perfect complement for the digitally advanced that have smaller phones and a computer OR someone who doesn’t really need a computer at home or on the road. (ie - kids, mom and dad)

That’s for a 16Gb and I bet you every store is out of stock.

No, this is a GSM device, so it is unlocked for those GSM carriers which use GSM SIM technology like T-Mobile, AT&T and some prepaid carriers which also use those same networks.

Both Verizon and Sprint use CDMA, so they will not be compatible with this device.

Absolutely LOVE my iPad Mini 2

It’s fast, the latest tech/cpu and has the retina screen.

The Mini 3 only brings the finger print reader. That’s it. Zero difference otherwise. So, unless you need that, save a few bucks on the Mini 2.

This has the same CPU as the iPhone 5s, which was pretty speedy.

Mine still plays all the latest games, no slowdowns or other issues.

I absolutely love it’s size vs a larger ipad, and other larger tablets. It’s the perfect paperback book size. I spend hours reading on mine, books ,PDF magazines, gaming, etc. It’s a great device.

all ipads are “unlocked” these days and have been for a few models now.

This is outdated information. SIM cards are required for LTE on all US carriers. All recent iPads are carrier unlocked and have the same radio bands no matter which carrier’s SIM was originally installed. They can be moved by swapping SIMs.

I have one of these with T-Mobile’s “200 MB/month for free for life” plan. No credit card required unless you need the upgraded plan.I’ve used that three times to get extra data for vacations.

Sorry woot but this is an epic fail offer. Brand new gen 2 ipad mini 16 GB at Staples for $239.