iPad mini (Gen 2) Wi-Fi & 4G LTE Tablets

This… http://www.staples.com/Apple-iPad-mini-with-WiFi-16GB-Space-Gray/product_457245

Is an iPad mini 1 with no retina display and only 16GB of memory.

Hardly a comparison.

Just the 7.9"- the specs tab has the correct info.

Anyone running this mini 2 with iOS 8.4? Can you speak to general performance?

I have the original iPad mini but it’s still running iOS 7 because I’d read not so great stuff about that device with iOS 8. Waiting for iOS 9 if I keep this around.

Very tempted by this deal because it would be nice to have more space and a newer version of the device.

Why would anyone buy one of these overpriced tablets is beyond me! There are far better tablets with faster processors, more ram for hundreds less… That goes for all of apples products.

Just ordered 64k silver LTE 4G

What is the Warranty and who with ?

I have an iPad mini 1st gen running 8.4 without problems. Well, other than 16GB of space being a general problem.

I have a 32GB Gen 1 and a 64GB Gen 2 that are both running iOS 8.4. No slowdowns with even the most intense apps (Minecraft, for example).

Why would anyone troll one of these comment boards is beyond me! There are far more popular forums with faster trolls, more traffic for trolls less… That goes for all of trolls trolls.


Will this work on verizons network or not?

Yes. I just called them on an unrelated issue, and posed that question. Verizon will work with 4G LTE iPad mini, according to the person I spoke to.


Verizon and Sprint use LTE for Data. Verizon has been on LTE for data for a REALLY long time now dude.

Does Ipad Mini 2 has 64 and 128GB (Wifi+cellular)?

As I dont see that on apple website.

Yes, they do:

128 GB model:


64 GB model:


Note: They are refurbished so it’s likely that the 64 and 128 GB models are no longer offered new to get you buy the more recent Mini 3 and Air 2 models.

LTE is not some other band. It is either CDMA or GSM. Verizon and Sprint are CDMA. This is why you can’t take a phone that works on AT&T and uses on Sprint/Verizon unless it has the chip for both (like Nexus 5 or… I think Moto X?). So when people are saying this won’t work on Verizon, it is because it is unlock for GSM only. So it works on AT&T or T-Mobile in the US… or any company that uses the two networks such as Straight Talk/MetroPCS.

But this is an iPad NOT an iPHone and the sim is totally unlocked, doesn’t matter which network. I have used mine (both verizon iPad mini and ATT Ipad 2) all over the world, swapping out sim cards depending upon the country.

I am torn. I have an ipad mini that is still fine but it is wifi only and I would lovw to have a cellular one. I am supposed to be saving money not spending it. This is definely a want not a need. . .but I want an upgrade. Hmmm. Any thoughts?

Thanks for the info on difference between mini 3 and mini 2. I don’t want a fingerprint reader because my fingers don’t scan well. I’d never be able to get into the thing!

Fun fact. Passwords are protected by the 4th and 5th amendments because they are mental. Fingerprints are not protected and can be compelled without a court order. (Online law and privacy course from Standford Law–love Coursera).

The risk of purchasing refurb - you get one that wasn’t fixed. My 128G just arrived (ordered Aug 3) and will not hold charge ):

EDIT: both woot and computerwarantyservices have been extremely easy to work with and CWS customer service has been top notch! Would order from them again.