iPazzPort Wireless 2.4Ghz Keyboard and Touchpad

iPazz sounds like a Bedazzled iPad

Do waahhh?

I think I’ll pazz.

iSpazz? WHAT?

Tell me why I would need this…

Anyone know if this will work with a Wii?

looks useless…

Who would use this


64bit support?

If it’s wireless, what’s that thing hanging off it?

I just bought a lenovo remote for my htpc. I do like this has backlit keys, but I don’t think a touch pad would be too great from a couch.

I think I remember this from my childhood. That’s an Intellivision controller, right?

I want to hook it up to my iPad… but not for $29.99… more like $2.99

These are great! When I use my wireless keyboard, I get the sensation of a cornfield in Kansas, with a little African jungle thrown in, amidst the mild odor of fresh ginger.

I have one of these, paid for the import shipping. It is so awesome, like a startrek pad for your media center pc!!

What the heck is a “Handheld Keybaord”?

what an Ibummer dude.

LOL! It does look like one of those :slight_smile: