iPhone 11 Pro (Fully Unlocked)(Renewed)

iPhone 11 Pro (Fully Unlocked)(Renewed)

Who is selling these? Do they come from Apple or a 3rd party?

Definitely a 3rd party.

Every time that Woot sells a product that has been refurbished/reconditioned by Apple there is a giant box that says so. No giant box for this product. So it’s 3rd party.

What’s the difference between “Fully Unlocked” and “Unlocked”?

Both phones today are fully unlocked for GSM & CDMA. The word “fully” wouldn’t fit in the short title of the one.

Unlocked means that it’s not unlocked for both networks in most cases.

Hey- These come from a 3rd party, will be in great condition, and are fully returnable!

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Does it come with the original Apple fast charger?

Renewed and reglued. Anybody paying these prices for a phone deserves what they get. You can easily fine new Android phones that will do everything you need for less than half this price.

Hey, This unit will come with a 2.1 Amp UL certified Charging Cube as well as an MFI certified charging cable.

From the Features section; “Get up to 4 more hours of battery life with iPhone 11 Pro.1 Fast-charge with the included 18 W adapter.”

Can you verify the charging cube is capable of fast charging up to 18W?

Also, are these phones eligible for AppleCare?