iPhone 11 Pro Max (Unlocked)(Renewed)

iPhone 11 Pro Max (Unlocked)(Renewed)

Renewed by who? Are these renewed by Apple? Are the eligible for Apple Care?

Same question as above and also wanted to ask if this is Scratch/Dent or just open box.

Hello. These are 3rd party refurbished.

They are not eligible for Apple Care.

These are not scratch & dent.

These units are Grade A refurbished.

Renewed and reglued. Anybody paying these prices for a phone deserves what they get. You can easily fine new Android phones that will do everything you need for much less than half this price.

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And the Apple vs Android debate begins in




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Bought 2 512gb a few weeks ago that said renewed. Both came heavily scratched and dented. Wouldn’t trust this. Grade D if you ask me.

Why are all the user icons so 90’s MTV?

It’s what we do.

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Does the regular Apple manufacturer warranty applies, or only 90 days limited from Woot?

Hello. 90-day woot as noted at the bottom of the features.

Almost full price for a repop?

Over a thousand bucks for someone else’s used repaired phone? Include me out.

I purchase an iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB Gold (new retail $1,449.00 plus tax) and an iPhone 11 Pro 512GB Silver (new retail $1,349.00 plus tax)
Total Retail (Inc tax) $2,965.88
With this deal I paid $2,098.78 (Inc tax)
AT&T will allow me to add their insurance when activated.
I searched all the usual areas (ebay, Mecari, Amazon, etc) and couldn’t find a deal close to this… I don’t mind that they are "refurbs, returns or damaged packaging. I have purchased many refurbished items and have saved thousands of dollars over the years with 98% satisfaction in all the purchases.
I hope they are in the expected condition when they arrive!! :crossed_fingers: If not, woot will be getting them back or I may be able to resell on ebay etc for a profit.

I ordered one of these yesterday, but then Woot waited 24 hours to tell me that there was a problem, and it hadn’t gone through. Now they’re sold out! Very disappointed.

Got mine on Saturday 100% flawless, as new. Only hiccup is they don’t come with the headphones or the OEM charger, but for $400 less, that was a good deal. I am happy. Thanks woot!

Hi there. Most refurbished phones don’t come with headphones. However, the charger should have been included. If it’s missing, please reach out to Woot! Customer Service.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

In the Box:

  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max (Fully Unlocked) (Renewed)
  • Charging Cable (MFI cable)
  • UL Certified Charger

mine just came in today and it was flawless.
activated like a charm and now i am using it.
space Grey 256 gig pro max

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I received mine on Friday and it has a scratch on the screen. Waiting to see if I can get a replacement. I’m disappointed with the quality of the phone for over $1,100.